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Película: "The Dressmaker" or how fashion changes lives

The new film by Jocelyn Moorhouse called "The Dressmaker" perfectly blends fashion, intrigue, humor, love and drama with Kate Winslet as a major player. During the celebration last Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week I could go to the premiere of the film The Dressmaker, Jocelyn Moorhouse film starring Kate Winslet, where fashion (creation and…

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An anti-retouching digital law poses to US press.

I ask appeal to freedom and honesty. Aconsejo enormemente la lectura de este artículo de Xataca Foto donde se habla sobre la posible ley anti-retoque digital que se impulsa en Estados Unidos. Signature Article Alfonso Dominguez Lavin and exposes Superbly what I think: It's great to regulate, but not censor. (Si sigues leyendo puedes encontrar

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The league against cosmetic surgery. What do you think?

Actress Kate Winslet says cosmetic surgery goes against their moral and refuses to doctors tinkering, They join your opinion Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz. Hace unos días el diario The Telegraph publicaba una interesante noticia con la reacción y las declaraciones que ha realizado Kate Winslet sobre la cirugía estética, tanto para

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