Marc Jacobs


Coca-cola ligth by Marc Jacobs… Ah what the who?

EL IGLÜ. MERCEDES BARRUTIA. /@ MERBARRUTIA / WWW.MERCEDESBARRUTIA.COM Good, as if he speaks to me in polish, oiga. The fact is that the name sounded familiar to me from having seen it somewhere, but… just like that… why are we going to fool ourselves… I… I don't give a damn about brands: I buy what I buy because I like it and that's it. Yes, that I knew that I knew this man from something, y tras mucho

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Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton fill the world of Lunar

A collection made between Marc Jacobs and Japanese artist who could have been born in the middle of Andalusia .... The truth is that my moles have always liked, but sometimes they are cluttering, especially on dates listed here in Andalusia, but that in "specific details" seem very groovy. Se de más de una que seguro les encanta esta colaboración ¿Verdad Marta E. M, Natamartini, Carmen Choo? Una colección,…

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Gafas Amarillas

The week that I learned fashion design with Alvarado. IV

Revalue creators and discover new geniuses. This and much more is to enter the world of fashion .... Thursday arrived full of surprises. Antonio had warned us to be well dressed "like at an inauguration or something like that" since we were going to take a group photo and toast all together for the course. Así que allí nos presentamos todos con nuestras mejores galas – yo reconozco que podía

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