Documentary film: The first Monday in May. It's not as bad as others! 🖼

This documentary addresses one of the essential dates of the calendar fashionista: the opening of the largest fashion exhibition each year celebrates the MET. The fashion world is fascinating, does your need and I will tell. And it becomes even more intriguing when we begin to delve into its functioning. If documentaries about designers and models always manage to attract an audience…

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Room Mumy And be happy with their shirts and T-shirts emblazoned! 👕

This brand of T-shirts and shirts stamped sure you hooked And makes you happy! You can not stick to only one of the pieces of Mumy Room. Nobody becomes bitter by a candy! And if it comes in the form of clothing alone. This is how I consider it clothes Mumy Room, an alternative Spanish fashion brand that proposes to refresh our wardrobe with shirts and t-shirts with prints…

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Fashion Uncover: Visual Click

Visual Click offers a traditional optics but with the convenience and variety offered by online access. You know that the world of glasses (both seen as sun) I no stranger. I'm always eager to discover, know, test or transmit new companies dedicated to the world of glasses. Whether they are new designs, cool glasses or online opticians I think it is a very…

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Moda, Moda Masculina, Technology

Personal shopper for men to blow click

What would you say if I told you that there is a personal shopper to man a couple of clicks away? ¡Si, without leaving home! Therein lies Fashiop. Fashiop is a personal shopper online service exclusively for men in Spain. It is true that more and more, men seize control of your closet – there is nothing more anachronistic and seedy than the phrase «my wife…

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Gafas, Review

Review: Glasses Firmoo

Defined as "the most popular online glasses shop in the world", Firmoo proposes variety of designs at affordable prices. Today I want to introduce the company online prescription glasses and sunglasses Firmoo. Years of experience in the optical industry allow this website offer varieties of lenses and frames at very affordable prices. The company was born in the United States and now this online eyewear website operates throughout…

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Sport, Moda

Fashion Uncover: SportZone

A web only suitable for falling in love (hopelessly, además) of sportswear. You know that the sports world is booming, more and more runners, fitness boys and girls, Healthy Blogger, etc ... and all Maccabean English synonym you can think of. And all these people need to dress appropriately for different sports. So today I present online platform sport, SportZone, that according to themselves…

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3 imprescindibles para un viaje a la italiana

Nuestro mejor compañero de viaje es un buen equipaje. Vuela que vuela y verás… the best companions for a trip to the Italian No, no es que vayamos a ponernos el moño alto y música de Ricchi E Poveri en nuestros auriculares para emprender nuestro viaje, sino que he descubierto una marca italiana – expertos en regalos con sección de escritura, bolsos, accessories and complements for the office – that…

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Moda Masculina

Fashion Pills ¡Ahora también para los chicos!

FASHION PILLS the website dedicated to the now wide fashionistas for guys also offer different clothes and accessories. From shirts, chaquetas, accessories and lingerie with the spirit FASHION PILLS, de prendas a la última, ahora también para chicos a los que no les gusta ir como el resto, que quieren diferenciarse y marcar su estilo único. About Fashion Pills FASHION PILLS is a website dedicated to…

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SUB&SIVE, accesorios con toques rock para todos

SUB&SIVE, nueva marca de accesorios unisex, presents his first capsule collection Autumn - Winter 2014. SUB&SIVE presenta su primera colección de accesorios para la temporada AW14, en forma cápsula, inspirada en un concierto de rock. Accessories intended for men mainly but also for women, todos ellos con un carácter subversivo y sofisticado. Chaquetas perfecto, púas de guitarra, jeans, humo, metal…. todos los elementos de un concierto en tus accesorios. Una…

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Perrolento, the most refreshing shirts

La marca valenciana de camisetas Perrolento presenta su nueva colección de verano, perfecta para playa, Perrolento asphalt mountain and has presented its new Summer campaign 2014: nuevos diseños más frescos que nunca aunque tan ácidos como siempre. Refreshingly summer comes the new campaign that radiates good vibes from Valencia, a través de su tienda en la calle Bolsería y de su tienda online. Do you want to see me with a funny t-shirt…

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