This is what I am" – VICEROY

Viceroy presents its new campaign "it is what I am" and makes me think about what is the Lord of the Yellow Glasses? This digital medium makes the personality of this witty Grenadian journalist who is behind The Lord of the Yellow Glasses display. Throughout most of 5 años de vida de

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Editorial: Call personality

Do not call to have style, not call essence, not call `je ne sais quoi', call not have a major hassle ... call it personality. Surely you know any girls in your environment that with jeans and a white shirt goes perfect, one that combines impossible colors or patterns and always comes out victorious or the kid who still…

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¿Fashionista is born or made?

“Creo que ha llegado el momento de tener una charla con nuestra hija” rezaba escrito debajo del cuadro El otro día tomando unas cañas vi un cuadro que me resultó muy curioso. Instantáneamente le eche una foto con el móvil, sorprendido al ver la resolución de la niña de la imagen. Sin duda una joven con personalidad que sabe imponerte

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