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Imperdible: Celebrities vestidas de colchones

Una página de Facebook se ha hecho mundialmente famosa por comparar estilismos de celebrities con fundas de colchones abandonados. En la variedad está el gusto, and on Facebook there is even space for pages that make abandoned mattresses their protagonists. And you will say "Has the clamp gone, Gafas? ¿Ahora nos vas a hablar de colchones?” – Well, no!…

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A winter 'fear' with The Blonds

The Blonds, brand emblem divas (and transvestites), proposes horror films as a fashionista element for next fall - winter 2013 And when I say horror, I tell horror, literally. Nada de referencias veladas a las brujas o a la estética neo vampírica… hablo de trazas de sangre hecha con cristales y pedrería o la mismísima cara de

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Emporio Armani presents its 2nd capsule collection with Rihanna

Rihanna encarna la juventud y modernidad para Armani Jeans y Armani Underwear. “Rihanna es una artista excepcional. Tiene personalidad, carisma y energía, y ha sido un placer trabajar con ella. Captura la juventud y la esencia de Emporio Armani Underwear y Armani Jeans a la perfección” – Giorgio Armani “Siempre he admirado a Giorgio Armani y su elegante trabajo, never…

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Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and tribal style – maquinero in your videos

Ethnic looks in Rihanna's new video, Where Have You Been, and at the Nicki Minaj, Starship,… Tribal style - machinist prevails Do we fall at his feet? The most “badass” part with harem pants and military boots or the most sophisticated part with a black dress and afro hair (This has been copied to Rosa López!)…

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Beauty tips: Makeup mulatto or black skin

Discover the best tips to make up mulatto or black skin with my good friend Pilar Moreno Some time ago I asked my friend Pilar, a spectacular mulatto, he always protected looked perfect, write your beauty tips and makeup mulatto skin. As you know in this blog, everything has a place and the more variety there is, the more proud…

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Fan of people without complexes: La Rihanna travesti de Bangkok

It needs a lot of self-esteem and courage to do this, with all of the law and so well done!! Be! And over there momentazos even better than the original video, such as when "I'm going to shit" (1:50) when "patadón" (2:15) , the great moment "iron in the ass" (3:21). Below the original video I leave!…

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No es un corte de pelo, it is a manifestation of intent

Pega un tijeretazo para decir aquí estoy yo… He estado guardando en mis archivos esta editorial durante algunas semanas ya que quería tomármela en serio. Time to check it out and write something worthwhile about it. But as always, schemes end up crumpled in the trash, y cuando de repente tienes una “revelación” es imposible no

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