¿Morality? I call it homophobia and savagery

CAÓTICO MANHATTAN. RUBÉN MORÍN.HTTP://Russia has approved CAOTICORUBEN.BLOGSPOT.COM.ES/BAJO_MANHATTAN, by absolute majority, a law banning homosexual propaganda, and which claims to be the new moral reserve in Europe. What they call morality, I call it homophobia and savagery. The funny thing is that from the European Union itself ask Russia to put aside this absurd law and…

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As for cold beauty ... Sasha is the most.

Sasha Pivovarova met some time ago - but little, considering that is a model from 2005 – I was surprised when this butterflies McQueen (ver post). At that moment, impacted by the advertising campaign just I noticed the mannequin, crass error, to discover that I was then at one of the most stunning women I've seen….

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Moda Masculina

Day Men's Fashion. Sí, also it exists on the network

Un homenaje a la Moda Masculina en la blogosfera. El Señor de las Gafas Amarillas quiere unirse a la iniciativa de Lorentzo, de El Blog más chic en el que se pretende inundar la blogosfera hoy, 15 de abril, de moda masculina. Porque sí, también nos gusta la moda y tenemos miles de opciones en ella. Como vemos en la

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