Sebastian Sauve


Editorial: Night Crawlers en Seventh Man Magazine

Me fascina la editorial Night Crawlers (night crawlers is Spanish) who has appeared in the journal Seventh Man magazine. Just thanks to light, the posture, a stage with reminiscences seventies and skin models photographer John-Paul Pietrus (Romain helped by stylist Liegaux) the image gets transferred almost the screen. I also love…

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Parade, Moda Masculina

Blanco, black and red for Cavaliere Albeniz

The designer Maite Albéniz, presented for the second time on the "080 Barcelona Fashion" catwalk its most daring proposals in men's clothing. I already mentioned the other day the pleasant surprise I had when I met the Albéniz firm. It surprises me, It hooks me and above all it makes me want her. Por eso estaba muy pendiente de su aparición en esta nueva edición

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