JOVENCITOS CON BOTINES. It is said that after an act of the Youth Front, la encopetada señora de un gerifalte franquista pidió al conde de Foxá su opinión sobre la centuria de chicos que acababan de desfilar a los recios acordes de una marcha militar. Agustin de Foxa, intellectual, diplomat and especially, elegant living there good, he replied sarcastically: Ms, hundred children dressed assholes assholes behind a dress child.

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Uni(n)formate! Where do they come as standard?

These stunning images of Gisele Bundchen made me reflect on the use of uniform. A trend fully in vogue, either the sailor who attacked us last spring or military that continues in mass stores and gives me the feeling that accompanied us during the autumn. De forma fundamentalmente histórica – pero no

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