How to take care sunglasses? 🕶

"How to take care sunglasses?"It's a question we ask as the warm weather arrives, in this post I give 7 cariñito tips to give your mates look. Cuando llega el calor los chicos se enamoran las comenzamos a tildar de imprescindibles. Las gafas de sol se convierten en nuestras aliadas tanto para protegernos del

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Estilo Diario

Estilo diario: Stripes and plaids for summer

The stylistic relax is one of the protagonists of the summer, and much more if we go a calm day at a barbecue by the pool. Mix stripes and plaids, the big problem for some people and that many other everyday pleasure. Fashion always this debate between print titanic struggle in which, al final, Both are…

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Belleza, Moda Masculina

🌴☀ Beard care in summer 🌊🐬

Each season has its drawbacks for beards, But maybe the summer is the one that causes most doubts and problems! Here I point 4 beard care in summer. There is no doubt that for years the beard has become almost "a complement" in male beauty.. When summer arrives and the heat,…

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5 summer essential: Zara

A proposal for essential items to meet this summer This year I decided to propose a series of articles based on a mix of comfortable, the trend and what I think is coolest to define styling that will become a must for this season, in this case the selection is in Zara. Quiero que penséis en

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Moda Masculina

Fashion Uncover: Holas Beachwear

HOLAS Beachwear, the evolution of swimwear for men. The year 2008, and a trip of friends in summer, He sowed the seed of HOLAS Beachwear. Sin embargo, it was not until the year 2013, when the idea began to take force, resulting in the first collection of signature bath, que veía la luz el verano

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