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Fashion Geek: Vestido Steve Buscemi

The actor with the bulging eyes of the whole world, Steve Buscemi, becomes protagonist Print this dress. I thought it was very funny, shocking and hardly wearable ... which makes it irresistible, ¿no?. Who would want a dress with the face of a gallant? No! All die by Steve Buscemi.

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Santeria comes to clothing: Dressed in pristine stamped

Barbarella inspired by Santeria in her new collection ... we accept the virgin as stamping company? It amazes me how we can put ourselves prints that at first glance could be complicated, from Givenchy and Prada, even the crazy prints  Jeremy Scott ... through a thousand other rarities ... But in Spain know there is a theme A…

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Jose Miro offers a dress for two options ...!

Esta es la idea que pretende reflejar Jose Miro en Dual, una colección especial que ha preparado para la próxima primavera de 2011. Se trata de 12 vestidos – que ya están disponibles para comprarlos en su web, por cierto- que debido a sus formas ofrecen versatilidad y dos opciones diferentes. Usando diferentes complementos pueden ser usados como look de

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