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Estilo Diario: Chamberi Vice

Make the most traditional neighborhood of Madrid become Miami for a day ... It is possible only with humor! When I asked "What do you think of these glasses?”I found the odd frown looking back at me. They are a vintage model - literally - rescued from the trunk of memories (they belonged to my father when I was young). They seem to me with the right classic point but they have managed to maintain their…

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Le Coq Sportif there 24 Kilates redesign the shoes 'Flash'

A late 80, le coq sportif triumphed among young people in the East Coast with collections created exclusively for the United States ... 30 later years, inspired by this original collection, the reissue of the iconic FLASH hand and le coq sportif 24 kilates highlighted by the bright red mixture mesh passion, sober black, red nubuck, with the touch of blue on the…

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Ethical Fashion concept

Ethics: 1.Right, conforme a la moral. 2. Set of moral rules that govern human behavior. Social conscience, interest in the environment, technology and quality: a combination that many should remember when buying clothes, including me. Saray Sanchez de www.mentayfresablog.blogspot.com / @saray_ss One of the sacrifices that ethical fashion entails is not buying just to buy, but to do it because we really need that garment or…

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Pin up ties with hidden

The best "is inside" and so I've loved these ties the years 50 with sexy surprise included ... Vintage fashion - or as I say "old but well preserved" - never ceases to amaze me. I am becoming more and more a fan of jewels like these ... don't say that these ties with pin up girls hidden on the back made over the years 50 are not…

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“Nunca va a ser lo mismo ir a una fiesta con un vestido de Zara a ir con uno vintage” Entrevista a Oh Oh July

A vintage shop should be that, ¡Vintage! And a great example of this is Oh Oh July, a space in Granada getting, with good vibes and style, move to the best of any bygone era. We spoke to their owners to tell us how the idea and what they intend with this shop that promise yourself become a multidisciplinary space where you can find the best of each house, y…

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"The world is a treasure chest, you just have to know how to look "Interview Collars Ryta

In the world of jewelery (especially in the complement) Where else is the idea of ​​individuality is proclaimed. Hundreds of thousands of different models, among which in my opinion should highlight those able to excite and make you feel unique because of the stories that encloses. Overcoming his shyness Yolanda Lopez, encargada y diseñadora de la genial marca de joyas Los collares de Ryta ha concedido una entrevista

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