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Experiencia Gafas Amarillas: Presentación Karolina Fresneda

A new exclusive shoe designer born in Granada. Karolina Fresneda viene cargada de arte y pasión. Karolina Fresneda ha presentado en sociedad su nueva firma. At a multitudinous event luxury in the center of Granada could enjoy his new collection and inspiration, al ritmo de la mejor música (y baile) y con un encuentro apasionante. Durante…

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TIS: The most baroque Manolo Blahnick

Sometimes betting on the baroque is a sure hit ... Here we see the simplest Manolo Blahnick – ironic, this is pure baroque. (I think I remember that it was a special shoe commemorating / honoring / doing-tribute to something, but I don't know exactly) Sea como fuere, I don't quite like what they say: With some ornate shoes it is best to go simple on the top….

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