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Tattoonie announces new collection of temporary tattoos, Round # 2!!! They are bigger, toughest, made with soy-based inks.


Tattoonie are temporary tattoos that give to talk, you can combine and play with them, they are designed by the most popular artists and designers of the moment. Now they come with Round2. So far they have already revealed the names of Conrad Roset, Ricardo Cabbage, the comedy duo Come Nuns, and also humorist and illustrator Miguel Noguera. But they still have more than 20 stored in the chamber.

“En Tattoonie queremos crear un mix entre moda, diversión.Puedes design and acquire all the designs through our online. Stay tuned to our website and social networks because until summer we will not stop launching new Tattoonies, designed both for ourselves as collaborating artists. Each week we will be revealing new partners and impressive designs. Surely you surprised!”



Además, also they offer the Custom Service Tattoonies, and become a logo or design Tattoonie that you would send. They are all successful events, festivals, fiestas, communions, bodas, cumpleaños, etc.