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¿They have to have some special protection tattoos in summer? In this article we show you how to keep them protected (and to your skin) to enjoy the summer and keep the tattoos healthy and beautiful.

10% of Europeans have a tattoo. In Spain, those figures are even higher: 4 decade 10 claim to have at least oneSpaniards are the second Europeans with the most, only surpassed by Italians and sixth in the world. We are not talking about a moda passenger, but a worldwide phenomenon thatit even has its International Day, that is celebrated every year andl 17 de julio. Tattoo artists are authentic artists who manage to capture great designs on the skin, so for many people, it is a way of expressing your tastes, your ideas and your memories. Today we talk about tattoos in summer and their care.

In reality, a tattoo basically consists ofinject the ink of the drawing into the skin through repeated punctures with a needle «lifting up» or by scarifying the epidermis and depositing the ink in the dermis a few 1,5 mm. So that, it is a small superficial wound, and as such, It is essential to take care of it so that it heals correctly and thus the drawing is exactly as we had imagined.

tattoos in summer

Sin embargo, summer is a difficult time to become one. Moisture and sweat can make it difficult for the tattooed area to heal properly. The skin is more exposed, so thata recent tattoo has a higher risk of infection. Además, direct sun degrades inks and alters and fades colors. For these reasons, It is not advisable to choose the summer to add a tattoo to our body.

Even so, And as we know that it is also a time when you have more free time to go to a study, think about design and pay attention to healing, it is very common to see recent tattoos in spring or summer. For all those people who decide to become one, the experts of NIVEA, the mark no.º 1 world in skincare, They have wanted to explain to me how to heal and protect a tattoo in summer following some key guidelines.

Keys to take care of a tattoo in summer just done.

  • 1. Go to an approved center. If we choose a non-approved study or an amateur, we risk that the design not only does not look pretty, but also to suffer some health problem. There are certain inks that can cause allergic reactions or intolerances.In Spain, there is a list of approved inks, which should be the only ones used. On the contrary, we risk that they produce some adverse effect on us. Equally, approved studios take care of the disinfection of instruments and always use disposable tools.
  • 2. Remove the transparent film at 6 in 8 horas. When finishing the tattoo, the artist covers the area with a transparent sheet thatmust be removed after a few 6 in 8 hours for the skin to breathe and not become damp with sweat.
  • 3. Avoid getting it wet the first days. It is important to keep it dry for the healing process to begin. An elastic shower patch can be used so that it does not get wet when bathing or showering if we cannot (we want you)avoid water the days after a tattoo is done in summer.
  • In summer, avoiding water also meansgive up the pool and the beach for 10 o 15 días. En este caso, it is not just because humidity can cause an infection, but to the chemicals present in the pool water, and the possible contamination and bacteria that are present in the beach water.
  • 4. Clean it 2-3 times a day. Must be washed frequently, at least 2 times a day, with neutral or antibacterial soap and warm water. No need to rub or apply pressure, just gently wipe the soap and rinse it off with water. Never skip cleaning, especially in the early days. This way, the risk of scab formation is reduced, that could leave scars and spoil the design.
  • 5. Pat it dry. When drying, do not rub so as not to accentuate the irritation. Can be dried with a very soft fabric towel, with gauze or kitchen paper, lightly dabbing until all moisture is absorbed.
  • 6. Apply a suitable moisturizer. Another important step in the care routine. A good cream to care for tattoos should provide intense hydration, to keep the skin supple and infection-free. Por ellothe most suitable are those that have the least amount of additives and that are easily applied so as not to irritate the painful area.
    • The most beneficial creams are those that contain panthenol or dexpanthenol. Panthenol and dexpanthenol are the precursors of vitamin B5, that contributes to the healing of wounds and irritations, promotes the synthesis of lipids and essential fatty acids that form the skin barrier and has an anti-inflammatory and healing action, stimulating cell regeneration and collagen synthesis. Por lo tanto, are perfect ingredients for proper healing.
  • 7. Avoid the sun. It is the most difficult advice to follow in summer, but it is essential. The drawing must be protected from the sun's raysduring the 2 o 3 first weeks. It can be covered with a dressing or directly with clothing and then never forget the application of sunscreens with high or very high FP.
tattoos in summer

«Summer is the preferred time for many people because the heat allows them to show off their beautiful tattoos.. Sin embargo, We must not forget that although sunlight is a great ally for our health, it can also be an enemy that damages drawings and colors. A recent tattoo should be out of the sun for the first few weeks. Although it may be a bit uncomfortable in the heat, is very important to ensure proper wound healing. Once cured, the drawing will last longer intact if the skin remains healthy and smooth, and for this it is necessary to provide deep hydration.

Dr. María Agustina Segurado, NIVEA advisory expert

How to protect the skin (en general) tattooed in summer

Care does not end with scarring. The sun is one of the great enemies of tattoos, also of those who are already cured.Prolonged exposure to sunlight fades the colors and fading the drawing, as it degrades ink particles. Incluso, many years later, ink can cause inflammation that distorts the design. The experts ofNIVEA explain the four great tips anyone with tattoos should keep in mind to protect them from the summer sun:

tattoos in summer

Use sun protection- You should always use sunscreen, but even more so those who want to keep intact the drawing and color of their tattoos intact. It is very important to apply it abundantly before exposure to light. Rubbing of clothing, sweat and water remove the protector, what forcesreapply it every 2 horas, approximately, or after each bath and after towel drying.

Use creams and moisturizers. So that the drawing looks pretty, the skin must be healthy and smooth. On the contrary, it will deform along with the skin. It must be nourished with moisturizing products, and especially in summer.A moisturizer or lotion can be chosenafter sunto hydrate and calm after sun exposure.

Drink water frequently. Hydrated skin requires maintaining adequate fluid levels, es decir, drink enough water. In summer we lose a lot of fluids through perspiration, así quewater intake must be intensified to maintain hydrated skin, healthy and firm.

Avoid laser hair removal in tattooed areas. The laser treatment used to remove hair can burn the skin in the tattooed areas. These lasers are responsible for destroying hair follicles, where is the hair. Para conseguirlo, detect melanin, es decir, the dark pigment that gives hair color. Sin embargo, the laser interprets that the colors of a tattoo are also melanin. Así, burns the skin believing it is the hair follicle. Además, the laser absorbs colors and can distort the design. So that, the most recommended isdo hair removal treatment first and tattoo after. O, if the drawing already exists, apply the laser only in the surrounding area.