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I've always been intrigued and liked solar tattoos, a natural and different way to change your appearance.

Me fascina, intrigue me and this time I like body decoration technique consisting of playing in the sun and our skin to get pictures in the body leaving areas of "shadow" without getting in the sun. The idea is to place a perforated adhesive sheet attached to the body in the desired area and, taking advantage of the sun, performing drawing on the skin It has been performed in the film by Tanning - or vice versa, Blade leave what we do not want to "burn".

¿una moda? I do not believe it, barely visible or known. ¿A counter-trend? of wanting to unify the skin and even tan ...crazy”? not the danger - as we see is limited - but as a way of differentiating and very relevant point, remember that in a week, más o menos, They will have disappeared. Generally I find one of those inventions of man, using the natural resources, change your body and stand... And as such I like.

Ideas like this photo can enhance and boost the presence of solar tattoos. Not just a cute swimsuit, but to take it off you have a pleasant surprise. I think a very nice application and surely triumph.  As you see in this post there for everyone, from small to large, simple to completely convoluted or thugs or ironic ....


What do you give the?

Here you have a video - that great presenter! that loquacity! that plot twists and camera effects and assembly!!  I find myself stunned - that helps us to see how funny they can be - although I would not tribal, I am cani but not both!

I could have been a child more than "The Others”. My white skin has always made me hate and love the people that dark time course or two rays of sunshine get a great tan. Although I am fascinated by the very white skins - very Louis XV - I think see a tan - and I do not mean Valentino - renders an image of naturalness and health highly recommended. I do not tan; directly blush me when I really get the sun ... so whatever is playing with the same fascinates me.  To this my eternal fear adds eternity since something stays with me forever. Many times I've thought about getting a tattoo but have been afraid to regret a month. For all these reasons I am a big fan of decals.


In this case "solar"… 'As disappeared tanning drawing disappear! And on top do not hurt!. The only thing is that we must not forget the care that must be taken with the sun, Caution and sunbathing in moderation.


I love these two solar tattoos as home and as "geeks"! See if this summer and I do encourage me any well!