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te prequiero

A mí, I like to talk about love, this time I discuss time before saying "I love you«. It may seem simple; but no, It is much more complicated than the simple fact of joining two words.

Put yourself in case you know someone ... Everything is going great: when they are laugh, messages are sent good morning and good night, all cine, go for a walk around. In these examples, everyone can think of those things that makes them feel loved and make draw a smile on their faces.


Vale, So far so great. Time keeps moving and everything is going well. Sleepovers at home, They know their friends, now they see movies at home if the end… Entonces, comes the question: I is too early to say "I love you"? The romantics say that we should not give many laps, if you feel, you just say it. Pero, Really there is a certain time to start loving someone? I mean: someone took five months, Is it too soon to love that person? ¿Por qué? Who says it?

I suppose that society has stipulated that there is little time to love someone, really. Sin embargo, if I took a year to a person, so, it is long enough to love her. Again the same question before: Who says? The society, again. If you look, We could say that we like sheep, where appropriate guided by a shepherd. We, guided by a, let's call, "body". I'm with someone four months and I can not love him; but I'm with that someone one year and if I can love him.

It does not assume that each person is different?

To have and have notIf so, I can love someone in a different period of time for the rest, and so with each and every one of us.

No, there is no time to determine when you can begin to love someone. simply passes. Punto. Eye, I'm not saying that you start dating someone and the month and you're saying you want it or put it on all social networks how much you love him… That smells a little. I am romantic, but within limits. Love can come when you least expect it, But this world is not a movie Disney.

Por lo tanto, say "I love you", in the vast majority of occasions, It is determined by all around us. It never happened to them who have told their friends or relatives who want someone and tell them they're crazy?

-I think I want.
-«How are you going to love him as soon?! You, do not talk nonsense and stop watching so many movies of love ".

I hope I'm not the only one who has lived a similar dialogue. What I claim is we should not feel crazy for wanting someone if others do not you think it appropriate. Ortega y Gasset would say: “I am me and my circumstance, and if not save it, not unless I«. No one better than us to know what we feel, what we are experiencing at the side of someone special. And for others it one crazy to say "I love you" at six months, For me it is not. Eso sí, either we abuse those two magic words. In love, en muchas ocasiones, menos es más.

To end, and as would Nati Abascal: «I want everyone«.