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You know that I love the Cowboy style and I was surprised by this mix that Thakoon makes at New York Fashion Week


Without a doubt, it has been one of the most striking parades due to the enormous amount of details that can be observed. The sample of a cowgirl who wears boots that mixes them with a floral print I find it very funny, accurate and fresh.


In addition, this revised Texan style with prints and leather goods undoubtedly gives rise to ensembles as interesting and surprising as the ones we can see.. A concretion of lines is revealed in the cuts compensated with brocades and prints that make it look retro.

A daring woman moves in and values ​​the use of color and a job well done, this romantic cowgirl , as it has occurred to me to call her, she does not rush into details and is always ready to stand out thanks to this dynamization and mix of proposals.

Without a doubt, the folkloric cawgirl of Thakoon has surprised me for good. Going completely out of all other trends – although we can certainly see the impressionist flower or even the geometric trend, but in general adapting more to a differentiating line.