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A woman stuck to an umbrella… no, ain't no new classic verse ¡worth the contrast! It is LadyUmbrella the icon and logo of the brand of the same name. “combine the letters «Y» y «U» and we had to give the umbrella a more rebellious and unusual touch… ¿perhaps Lady Umbrella, a woman with an umbrella head is normal?” This is how Elena explains the design of the logo, the designer of that brand, with whom I have had the pleasure of being in contact and asking him to answer some questions for the blog.
Right now they have just launched new sales designs on their website, so it is a moment of evolution within LadyUmbrella, where day by day the creative ingenuity of Elena, and the entrepreneurial ingenuity of her partner Rob makes this lady "umbrella" every time” go further and further backed by quality designs and products, very fresh and fun and with a lot of personality.
– few models ¿little but well done? ¿Why?
had to start somehow. Our goal was to create high quality designs and print them on our own exclusive t-shirt designs.. We did not want to sacrifice any details and reduce our quality, for which it has limited us when launching our first collection, so the 6 designs was what our budget allowed us. – this week they have expanded with a second collection of 3 more models – And although we are a small company, exceeding quality expectations has been the soul of what we do., so that 6 designs are initially with which we could provide the quality we were looking for.
– Head in the clouds. A purse. ¿Complement or sample of intentions?
I could answer both questions in the affirmative.. At the moment it is the only additional accessory that we have together with our shirts, although of course it is a sign of where we want to go in our future. We have always wanted to try to establish a strong brand around LadyUmbrella and the designs lend themselves to being worn in different ways.…what we are currently working on. We hope to have small notebooks with our designs available in the near future., as well as limited edition illustrations.
We are a small company but with disproportionately big dreams and plans that will not make us stop until we achieve them..
¿For when a man line? ¿You encourage them?
The truth is that we get asked that question very often. (y normally men I I I), but at present we have no plans to design clothes for men. We want to focus on women's T-shirts and clothing mainly and establish the brand in the market.. Our fears are that if we try too many things too soon, the brand will not be recognized as such and long-term success could suffer.. We also believe that the brand name doesn't really work for men. If we ever tried to create something for men this would develop from a sister company to LadyUmbrella (well in this case brother heh heh)
– entrepreneurially ¿how LadyUmbrella rides it? ¿where are you located? with what «reasons» you undertake this trip
The company is made up of me (Elena) y Rob (what is irish), we work and live in dublin, Ireland. I work on the creative side of the company, both for the t-shirt designs and everything related to the graphic design of the brand: logo, website, fotografía, illustrator, photoshop and our videos too. Rob takes care of everything else that is needed to run the company. In a company as small as this, we believe that our success is limited only by the effort we could put into it, so we work very hard to create a product that we are proud of.
– What do you want to do in the future?, where do you direct your steps?
LadyUmbrella wants to become a successful brand in the future to be in a position where we can help more people.. We are focused on expanding the brand, making us know more and good selling a little more heh heh….no sales, we would lose the motor of the machinery….we have a lot of t-shirts waiting to be owned, so our next step is to increase our sales. We hope to achieve it by working very hard, talking to people and creating the best designs possible. It's not that we have a grand marketing scheme or plan, but we believe that if we continue to do things well and people talk about us then that is when we will find the reward….so we wait.
Por último, the question i always ask… ¿What LadyUmbrella would wear to a gala dinner?
Well, I don't know if it refers to the character or the designer. But both LadyUmbrella and I would go for bright colors and maybe a little bird fluttering around
If you want to know more about this interesting brand, do not forget to visit LadyUmbrella's online sites, como su web, Facebook o Twitter  or even the Elena's blog, your designer, y por último, if you encourage them, You can also visit their online store and get your shirt!
Images of LadyUmbrella t-shirts from their website.