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After the recent opening of Ayala, The West Mall of Majadahonda now opens a Poète store.

The clothing firm Poète opened a new store this month in the Majadahonda West Shopping Center (Madrid). this opening, together with the one that occurred recently on Atalaya street, 17, also from Madrid, they add a total of 10 establishments of the firm throughout Spain.

The new boutique is endowed with the firm's unconditional style creating a romantic space moving to the most romantic France and the most vintage London character.

As they expose: Poet, born to dress a feminine woman, romantic, delicate and full of freshness. Our garments, exude French flair with London touches. Our stores are small boutiques that smell of fresh roses where the details, and our clients, are the most important to us.” Poete's project by the hand of Berta Martín, and our clients, and our clients, and our clients, and our clients, and our clients. and our clients, and our clients, and our clients and our clients and our clients.