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advanced Génifique: an icon played by 20 artistas. Exhibition on www.lancome.com from 2 de mayo de 2013.

the little black bottle lancome

On the occasion of the launch of Advanced Génifique, youth activator most powerful Lancôme, twenty artists, illustrators and photographers, They have tipped off the iconic silhouette of the sérum con más de 130 international awards. Entitled The Little Black Bottle, the name given to Chinese Génifique, This compilation of images will be displayed at the site of the brand from the 2 de mayo de 2013 and it will be offered in the form of book ultra limited edition (2500 copies worldwide) VIP picked some.

Arrived from Korea, Francia, China, England, United States, Germany, Italia, España, Russia and Japan, The participants of the Little Black Bottle project have known retransmit the iconic dimension of the glass bottle with black silhouette identifiable at first glance. A dimension that few products can get, fruit of a fascination with the intimate and collective. Homage in ink and paper illustrates, through the diversity of its exercises – in color or black and white, Brush or film, abstract or narrative- the universality of the purpose of Advanced Génifique.

the little black bottleSPAIN_Carmen_Garcia_Huerta_media the little black bottle sPAIN_Jorge_Crooke_media

These two pictures are of the two Spanish participants: Jorge Crooke and Carmen Garcia Huerta

The Little Black Bottle, Twenty artists, One icon, from 2 de mayo de 2013 in Lancome.com With the participation of: Florian Bayer – Coco – Daniel Costa – Jorge Crooke – Massimo Gammacurta – Darrin Haddad – Charles Helleu – Carmen Garcia Huerta – Tae-Sun Kim – Kiyoshi Kuroda – Alena Lavdoskaya – Lo Cheuk Lun – Mierswa & Dumpling – Vahram Muratyan – David Navascues – Toshimasa Ohara – Sebastien Pons – Nicolas Valois – Shin My-Ja & Look – Zhou Yi.