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Smoke and drink…. Is it really so frowned upon?

It makes me laugh to evaluate how, depending on the season, behaviors are boasted and others widely in vogue are despised last season. If not, tell them to print flowers, who lives in perpetual stress. But I am not referring to specific trends - or more or less repetitive – but to social behaviors, y a the image of the politically in / correct man

Until not long ago, a cigar was a symbol of glamor, distinction, feminism if they were girls and “machotism” if they were men. Ahora, smoking is old-fashioned, not only by law (que, i am sincere, I consider it necessary) but because of the negative repercussions that the vision and idealization of said product implies. At a time where what is highly valued is an iconic look, elegante, rather "healthy" and above all serious - I very much miss more fun in the world of modaalcohol and tobacco have been banished, although the third vice par excellence, sex, still valid in every shot.


I was surprised to see this editorial in Vogue Hommes International, where the yogurt man Simon Nessman - did not a man a little more mature beat you for this edit? - shows us the Californian dream of any gentleman, a man who passes political correctness through the lining and relaxes based on American Gigolo. Photographed by Paul Jasmin and with costumes by, entre otros, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Lagerfeld, o Polo Ralph Lauren, we see how this confident man enjoys a cigar or a glass.


What is politically correct here? Teach it as is? Wait until you finish smoking your cigarette to shoot the photo?? Will any brand get angry when they see themselves related to cigarettes and alcohol? - because it does not strain that the glass is Nestéa – If I were a woman, would it be more or less scandalous?


So many questions ... and me without my vodka. Si, Who doesn't fancy an orange vodka on a friday morning?