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Because we can be fashionistas but poor (and in fact we are), here I bring you 5 tips to save on fashion as you can.

Have you ever gone shopping without looking at the budget? In plan, I'm going to buy everything I want! ¿No? Me neither, la verdad. It is what it has to be a fashionista but poor. Who does not know our situation is Kris Jenner and you will say: «Manuel, Why do you choose it to illustrate this post?» Well I have no idea because it gives me all the felling that she does not tend to save on moda! So if you're Kris Jenner, you don't have to keep reading the article.. For all the others:

Although it is true that sometimes we indulge ourselves or go out to a store (physics u online) with something we really don't need, the most normal – in these times of world crisis and pseudo apocalypse – is that we control ourselves and not be easily persuaded by sellers or advertising and find a way not to spend our money on "useless" things and focus as much as possible to its good results: both inexpensive and fashionable.

How can we save but without giving up on being fashionistas?

We can establish a series of points, five specifically, that can help us focus and continue to have all the style in the world but without our visa being shivering:

Make a budget and lists.

Sí, I know. It's the same as I always say, for the sales, for him wardrobe change or for anything. And is that budgets are essential! Knowing what we have and what we have is the best way to put a brake on our fashionista illusion. It would be advisable to make a budget, so as not to end up throwing our money overboard. We must also make a list of the things we really need before leaving (or click) shopping and trying not to buy more of the things that are listed on the list. I know it's hard, but nobody said that poor man was easy.

Compare the prices of different stores.

One of the advantages we have today is that we can make our purchases in different stores, And at the click of a button! (or taking a walk, that shopping can also be a very pleasant day out). Therefore, a good idea to save on fashion is to compare the prices of the stores in products that we need and that they have in several establishments to know which of them sells said product cheaper.

Perseverance is a thing for savers.

Internet helps us save, sí, as you hear, because it helps us to go looking at incredible offers that you will hardly find in physical stores unless it is by chance. This mode of purchase is an excellent option in terms of saving money because it makes you take advantage of them. Of course, you should be aware of discounts, special days and promos that your favorite stores usually offer beyond the sales.

Outlets are your best friends.

¿Cómo ? The same garment but super very low because it has gone out of style? But if I still like it! Outles are some of the best options when going out to buy clothes and accessories – especially if you are not a person who creates your own style and does not need the latest of the latest – what if, you can be a fashionista without going from the latest collection of everything. Bueno, And if you catch a stock clearance it may already be heaven n earth.

Saving is also getting money

A ver, Maybe I'm not entirely exact with the definition of saving on fashion but at the end of the day it is taking advantage of ideas so that fashion will be cheaper for you, ¿no? That's why it's a great idea to sell products that you don't need. Today there are numerous electronic platforms where you can sell things that no longer fit you, you don't use or don't need.. And the money you get there you can spend to buy new products!