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I've always been intrigued by the details behind jewelry loans at important events.. ¿What are the distinctive features of jewelry loans on the red carpet compared to high-end dresses?? Discover it with Helena Bermúdez de Castro in this episode of «Pulling the Thread».

El podcast It gives me great joy to be able to talk to Helena Bermúdez de Castro, una prominent figure in the industry moda Spanish and Director of Communication for Chopard in Spain and Portugal. Helena has worked as a stylist and fashion director for several national magazines for more than 30 years and has been involved in choosing red carpet jewelry for celebrities at the Festival de Who of Cannes, for more than a decade, since the jewelry firm she works for sponsors the event and is highly represented with its stars.

Here you can listen to the entire interesting conversation we had on my fashion podcast «Pulling the Thread»

Jewelry vs Dresses: A Selective Approach

During our conversation, Helena shared her knowledge on the distinctive features of jewelry loans compared to dress loans. While both high-end dresses and jewelry can have significant value, selecting a dress offers more options and flexibility. Por otro lado, choosing jewelry requires a more selective and precise approach due to the strict security protocols involved.

The Red Carpet Collection… y ¡beyond!

Helena clarified that, aunque Chopard has a collection called «Red Carpet Collection», which is shown during the Cannes Film Festival, They also use pieces from other high-end and ready-to-wear collections to accessorize., That's what the act of leaving jewelry is called., to celebrities. Not all jewelry is made exclusively for the red carpet.

Jewels on the red carpet

The Challenges of Lending Red Carpet Jewelry to Celebrities

Helena and I discuss the challenges of lending jewelry to celebrities and the criteria for choosing who can wear Chopard pieces.. He explained that It is difficult for insurance to cover any loss or damage if celebrities do not comply with safety measures. Sin embargo, He admitted that he doesn't have an exact answer as to what happens if a piece is lost or stolen., since it hasn't happened in your specific case.

Helena believes that jewelry has a much more striking visual impact when worn by celebrities, lo que makes them more attractive than simply showing the pieces in photos. When the media covers red carpet events, they often credit both dresses and jewelry. The media exposure gained from lending pieces is valuable to Chopard and benefits all parties involved..

Jewels on the red carpet

The Value of Celebrities Wearing Chopard Jewelry

During the conversation we were able to agree that Chopard does not differentiate between celebrities in terms of status because they all serve as a moving showcase for the brand. Sin embargo, We recognize that the international impact of a celebrity wearing Chopard jewelry is greater than that of a local celebrity.. Appearances by international celebrities in magazines such as Hello and Vanity Fair attract global attention, while local celebrity appearances are limited to smaller outlets.

To complete, I asked him to share a funny or surprising anecdote from his more than ten years of working with Chopard. He recalled a time when he had to deliver jewelry to Julianne Moore at the Cannes Film Festival. When Julianne answered the door in a hotel bathrobe, Helena was initially impressed by her beauty and height.. They ended up together on the balcony, admiring the view of La Croisette, before proceeding to select jewelry.

¡Thank you so much Helena for making us understand so clearly how this interesting position in the fashion industry works and the intricate details that make it so fascinating.!