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Because even if it's hot, safety must never abandon us.

On days like these, when the heat is oppressive, when you want to work  and almost everything - except mojitos - descend, when we don't know what to wear in order to be cool, when we don't know where to go for a drink without melting. Times like these is when We have to make weak forces and walk under the sun saying here I am, this heat is not going to stop me!

That's what I thought when I saw this image of Hilary Rhoda, photographed by Lachlan Bailey in the American edition of Harper’s Bazaar. Let's see who is the smart one who dares to stop this woman, sure of herself, who knows where he is going. Like they say through thick and thin, o , rain or shine, you also have to overcome the heat, and leave reinforced, And brown!

Let's go, summer will not be able to with our style!

(This has nothing to do with not following the recommendations to avoid heat stroke, por favor, sed care @ s)