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This stunning photograph of Cindy Crawford doing a Pataky. En este caso, the position is fully justified in the journal FutureClaw (by Andrew Macpherson) and that we can not miss this spectacular back covered by lace and crossed by a column spinal cord fictitious. But I've come to talk about my book! and is the great posture Pataky.

Let's talk about "Pataky".

For those who still have not associated, This is the preferred position that the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky used to pose for the photocall, teaching a fundamental part of his anatomy, the culete!.

Sin duda, which in the beginning it seemed silly, It has become a hallmark of the beautiful. She commented on the occasional interview that it was a ruse to entertain and offer new images in so-called passes photograph, according commented, although we see them fleetingly, lengthen enough.

I do not know if the time of photocall will be proportional to the media or labor impact of star or interest only as cuerpazo, but if Pataki (known for blockbusters like ... Ninette?, Oh no! Didi Hollywood) this may be a long time for the second option. (with all my respect) And it can not be otherwise, a lot of photos that corroborate my theory!

It is clear that I think a great example of style, a signal clear identity and although sometimes this babe I find it somewhat superficial, I recognize that it has found a place in the world of the Hollywood beauty with a distinct style and creating school. He even commented that there are photographers who already expressly ask this position! So today, although Enchant me say that about "Elsa Pataky goes ass!"I want to pay tribute to this great pose!

He even has you starred covers of magazines!

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