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Eyebrows can be the element of the face that gives more personality and style ... It is the example of Justin Theroux

One of the best samples of style is the to look at details as relevant as the eyebrows. I have been struck by Justin Theroux, that if they do not know him - I did not know him by name either – is the sexiest woman's boyfriend ever (or so they say), Jennifer Aniston.

Cejas justin theroux "Charlie's Angels 2 - Full Throttle" Premiere

I liked the eyebrows of this man, not just because they look a bit like mine, that's right, but because I think that they give it a different face than the ones we are used to seeing on the big screena and I think that benefits him when starring in roles like ... or .... bueno, I do not know, the ones I have made – I just remember him being the bad guy from Charlie's infinitely underrated Los Angeles, what was wrong, Not the sinister bad (what was Crispin Glover) but the bad cann.

cejas-justin-theroux-2 cejas-justin-theroux-3

Very cool eyebrows that give it personality and style.