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A time as inspiring as the seventies had to have good references in terms of music and fashion. Let's talk about a couple of them that defined the decade.

Today we come again with a lot of music and a lot moda. Trying to unite concepts to surprise you. And let's talk about the union that occurs between the seventies in terms of music and fashion is concerned. Como ya sabéis, fashion is cyclical, and always repeats patterns, and we have been a few years in which the years 70 they come back with force, dresses with flared cuts, Bell bottom pants, much shine shine, etc.

This has made some fashion and accessories firms have it clear and bet heavily on the 70 among her looks not only party but also daily. De hecho, there are many brands that use music from the 70 to enhance your communication… And as for music ¿What's more seventies than the Bee Gees? For that reason, en 2013, the handbag firm Longchamp did not hesitate to use them as a soundtrack for its advertising campaign where, to the rhythm of «You Should Be Dancing», the model Coco Rocha danced at the control of an airport.

Longchamp is a French luxury brand created in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain ¡and still in the hands of the family! Dares with a chic and uninhibited luxury, like the british group.

This song of 1976 that sounds in the video was the one that launched the Bee Gees to disco stardom. «You Should Be Dancing» is known today as the first song to the top of the charts where Barry Gibb uses his now-registered falsetto. The song was predominantly used in the movie Saturday Night Fever which did nothing more than elevate her even more to the Olympus of seventies songs.

And we keep talking about the 70 but now from a spanish: Designer Paco Rabanne. You are right, Many people may be confused with the name and with his world triumph but Paco Rabanne is Spanish, specifically from the Basque Country (his real name is Francisco Rabaneda). En los 70 became a renowned designer working for brands like Balenciaga, Givenchy, Maggy Rouff, Philippe venet, Pierre Cardin, Courrèges y Givenchy.

And of course, she created her hallmark with dresses where geometry stood out both in shape and background with fabrics or loaded with metal pieces.. (like the ones we see in the photo above)

As before we talked about the Bee Gees in «Saturday night Fever», the designer Paco Rabanne also saw his success magnified thanks to a film que, even being from the end of the 60, would perfectly reflect the aesthetic values ​​of the 70: Barbarella. ¡A film so modern that it became a reference for a decade after its release!

Barbarella is a French-Italian science fiction film directed by Roger Vadim and portrayed by Jane Fonda, Ugo Tognazzi. If you have not seen it, you have to see it even if only to enjoy the risky wardrobe. And this is where we hooked with our second song from the section. Se llama «An Angel is Love» and it was the promo song for Barbarella. A theme with classic pre-disco touches performed by Bob Crewe & Charles Fox and what imbues us fully in the atmosphere of the film and those end of the 60 and early 70 so interesting where everything evolved as fast as the minds of the creators of the time.

Como veis, moda, música ¡and this time cine! they transport us to where it is necessary to enjoy to the fullest if we like to mix such interesting terms.