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Here I collect all about fashion series, es decir, that take place in this interesting professional environment, there have been throughout history worldwide.

All you know called series "For lovers moda”. Thanks to a sublime work clothing, names like Sexo New York, Gossip Girl, Dynasty or Mad Men They are on these lists… And while certainly enjoyed it the, this time I want to list on fashion series that take as vertebral thread.


Here I collect WORLDWIDE series where fashion matters, with stories based on their creators or workers (real or fictitious), its various areas of work or their associates dramas, stories linked to this social field, business and creative per se.

I have not included series in which one of his characters is related to the fashion world if you do not teach part thereof. An example: Friends Rachel worked in fashion but little known in the industry for their interventions. (This I speak a little more on the extra part at end of article). I have not added as a reality show Project Runway, The City or Centerfold since, though indisputably they show and teach about fashion, we could unify the other category. If you want to see them you can do on this page of Wikipedia in which listed: Fashion-themed reality television series.

¿Ready to learn more about the ins and outs of fashion through some series? As there are many I've categorized by country. You can access each section by clicking on the country

Y por cierto… ¿Do you know of any other series on fashion that I have missed?? If so, indícala in comments and add the article to have the largest collection of series that show the vast and varied world of fashion. ¡Thanks!

You know I am passionate about the series, ¡I'm hooked all day! (You can see the series I am enjoying Profile Time TV). So I could not miss in this space an article devoted to mix my two passions.

Fashion series on US 🇺🇸

Diana (1973-1974. NBC)

In the mid-seventies Diana series premiered in the United States, the first sitcom in which the protagonist was part of the fashion world. The Serie, which he starred Diana Rigg, He told the story of Diana Smythe, a designer newly divorced British fashion was going to USA to achieve fame in American fashion.

Series about fashion

Models Inc. (1994 – 1995. CBS)

Born as third installment in the franchise Beverly Hills, 90210 and produced by Aaron Spelling this series (or rather soap) American revolved around a modeling agency in Los Angeles led by Hillary Michaels, Amanda's mother in Melrose Place's. It made cameos as tops as Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell et Carla Bruni.

Series about fashion

Veronica´s Closet (1997 – 2000. NBC)

Nation with the idea of ​​parodying the legendary firm “Victoria´s Secret” but thanks to her we could see how entrepreneurially it organized an international brand of underwear. Created by the same team that made Friends, It starred the iconic Kirstie Alley. Although he played a character who was quite patoso, He had a message of modernity and feminism certain part.

Series about fashion

Just shoot me! (1997 – 2003. NBC)

This series 97 She is exploring everything that happens inside the offices of a fashion magazine. He told the story of the daughter of the owner of the magazine (played by Laura San Giacomo) which he sought to be enforced . This comedy was getting, between laughter and laughter, let us see what was happening in fashion magazines in the nineties.

Series about fashion

The Beautiful Life (2009. The CW Television Network)

This series of 2019 produced by Ashton Kutcher follow the steps above but more murky form. Two young models newcomers to an agency discover how the world of fashion and arise if what suits them and excites. He had big names among its protagonists as Mischa Barton, Corbin Bleu, Elle Macpherson y Sara Paxton.

Series about fashion

How to make it in America (2010 – 2011. HBO)

Youth and passion for fashion, This is the premise of the How To Make it in America series by 2010 y 2011. In her two ambitious twentysomethings, Ben Epstein and his friend and business partner Cam Caldero, They seek to gain a foothold in the New York fashion world by designing jeans. Through his tricks we understand with daily touches and some humor how difficult it is to break through in such a competitive world.

Jane by Design (2011. ABC Family)

This series of 2011 He gave a twist to the fashion world giving a youthful and familiar touch. The series follows the life of Jane Quimby, a teenage girl who is mistaken for an adult and casually getting the job of your dreams ¡work with a world famous designer! (Interpretada por Andie MacDowell). Jane has to deal between high school and haute couture.

Series about fashion

The Carrie Diaries (2013 – 2014. THE CW)

This iconic series 2013 is the prequel to the hit series Sex and the City (Sexo en Nueva York). In it we see how Carrie Young tries to break into the fashion world He is working as an intern in Interview magazine. That would be where, In addition to live different love dramas already foreshadow the romantic style of the star will be born where his passion for Manolos.

Fashion House (2016. MyNetworkTV)

This series 2006 This is what they call in America a "night telenovela«. It is the American adaptation of the Cuban series Nightlife. He was starring Bo Derek, it was the owner of a modeling agency y Morgan Fairchild, archenemy.

EVE (2016. UPN)

This American sitcom 2016 revolves around the fashion designer Shelly Williams (Eve) who lives in Miami and has his own clothing store. As explained it is "a woman whose career in fashion is moving but whose love life is a work in progress«. We see in each chapter as different characters evolve both professionally and personally.

Girlboss (2017. Netflix)

Through a series aimed at young audiences we know the true story of Sofia Damoursuso, the creator of the website selling second-hand clothes Nastygal. This web managed to become an innovative business that would change the pillars of the fashion industry.

Series about fashion

The Bold Type (2017. Freeform – Available on Amazon Prime Video)

A series about fashion that explores the literature. ¿The plot? Three young girls face the job of your dreams. ¡They work as editors and stylists in a renowned fashion magazine! Through them we see this very competitive field (and their love dramas). The series is based, partly, Joana experiences in Coles, Cosmopolitan editor to 2016.

Series about fashion

True Jackson, VP (2018. Nickelodeon)

This teen series 2018 He told the story of True Jackson, Fifteen years old, while he is selling sandwiches in the fashion district of New York is discovered by a prestigious designer is hired to be vice president of the division of youth apparel your company. ¡The kind of aspirational idea that any young girl or boy would be hooked on! ¿Do not you think?

Fashion world series.

American Crime Story: Gianni Versace's murder (2018. FOX – available in Netfllix)

The second season of the series “American Crime Story” was focused on tell the story of the murder of fashion designer Gianni Vesace. This iconic production of Ryan Murphy starring Edgar Ramirez, Darren Criss and Penelope Cruz, through a fine design and pop touches, Get to understand the intricate Miami police case that shook the world and in the nineties.

Series about fashion

Katy Keene (2020. Archie Comics y Warner Bros – Available on HBO)

Based on the character of Archie comics of the same name, this series is a spin off of Riverdale. It will know the lives and adventures of Katy Keene and her friends. Katy dreams of becoming a fashion designer while working in a department store luxury in New York City. We also follow the lives of their friends who are seeking a foothold in the world of music and Broadway. A musical dramedy focused young people.

Sneakerheads (2020. Netflix)

This is a comedy created by Jay Longino in which a dedicated family man falls back on his obsession with sneakers and wants to participate in a scheme to earn quick money. The series shows us, in a totally crazy way, the obsession that exist for sneakers. Sneakerheads is the name given to fans of limited edition or special shoes and this series shows in a humorous way what many people are willing to do – and to pay – for her.

Halston (2021. Netflix)

This Ryan Murphy creation chronicles the life of Roy Halston Frowick, más conocido como Halston, who was the first "superstar" designer in the fashion world. The miniseries shows how the American helped define the fashion and style of the years 70 and how his life and company defined luxury, the excess and glamor of the time and how this came to affect his life.

Emily in Paris (2021. Netflix)

Emily (Lily Collins) A young American woman moves to Paris for an unexpected job opportunity., in charge of bringing the American point of view to a French marketing company. European and American cultures collide as she adjusts to the challenges of life in a foreign city., while juggling his career, new friends and love life

Survival of a curvy girl. (2023. Netflix)

A plus size black hairstylist (Michelle Buteau) must face a love break and a radical change in his workplace. this series, which at its base could seem like a simple "comedy – romantic" is fundamental for the world of fashion since it recurrently explores the power of fashion and the styling as identifying agent, representative, of change and empowering especially focusing on non-normative bodies and the importance of inclusion.

The New Look. (2024. Apple TV+)

This exciting series reveals the shocking story of how fashion icon Christian Dior and his contemporaries, like Coco Chanel, Pierre Balmain and Cristóbal Balenciaga, They faced the horrors of World War II and created modern fashion. The biopic has a cast completed by Ben Mendelsohn, Maisie Williams and John Malkovich.

Geek Girl (2024. Netflix)

Awkward, neurodivergent teenager Harriet Manners, whose life turns upside down when she is discovered as a model, embarks on a journey of self-discovery while balancing high school and high fashion.

Fashion series on UK 🇬🇧

absolutely Fabulous (1992 – 2005. BBC)

Es, si cabe, the flagship series on fashion history. This British production had the adventures and misadventures of two particular women: Una public relations and a fashion magazine editor who aim to stay “absolutely fabulous” although they have seen better times in the sector. laughs, humor, drug and an unhealthy obsession with staying young make this series a jewel able to discover the most sordid aspects of this area.

Series about fashion

Material Girl (2010. BBC One)

En 2010 This series premiered under the synopsis "a romantic comedy about a young fashion designer who fights against his former evil boss, a partner of sexy but devilish business and snobs who want to end their work and love«. Lenora Crichlow starring laid the foundation for dozens of stories that come later in cine and the like tv to presenting this series on fashion.

The Paradise (2012. BBC)

The Paradise is the Audiovisual adaptation of the novel "The paradise of the ladies” French writer Emile Zola. Situated in London 1870, this series of 2012 shows the creation and daily life of a large area dedicated to shopping. See how it began operating department stores as we know and as society began to value not only as fashion outfit, but object of desire.

Series about fashion

Mr. Selfridge (2013 – 2016. ITV)

this series, also British, cHarry Gordon Selfridge Counts as,
he was a showman shopping with excellent vision of the future”, I think its shopping center, the iconic “Selfridge & Co. Located in early 1900 we see as technological and social advances are implemented in malls to become what we now know.

Series about fashion

The Collection. (2016. Amazon Prime Video)

One of the most interesting series about fashion I've seen, Given the complexity of its characters and its beautiful scenery treatment. An intriguing family drama in which two brothers run a prestigious fashion house in Paria during the postwar period. In addition to the personal and dramatic intrigue, It is a perfect work of a workshop that could remind the big names like Balenciaga or Dior.

Series about fashion

Fashion series on Spain 🇪🇸

90-60-90, Secret Diary of a teenager. (2009. Antenna 3)

The series showed the life of Mel (esmeralda Moya) and Africa (Ana Rujas) they were getting the opportunity to work as models for the agency I-Deal. Through this area they know so little known in the world of fashion as management models. Of course without forgetting their personal dramas and love.

Series about fashion

The time between seams (2013. Antenna 3)

The audiovisual adaptation of the homonymous book Maria Dueñas presents the story of a young designer and seamstress who lived through a series of adventures (and by) his work in the fashion world. Starring Adriana Ugarte, He got half of Spain we were glued to the screen for weeks to see if the protagonist getting its mission, both the fashion world and loving.

Series about fashion

B&B, from mouth to mouth (2014 – 2015. Mediaset – Telecinco)

This is a TV series comic -dramática 2014 on which were attending a day-to-day writing a fashion magazine and national newspaper today. He had big names among its cast as Belen Rueda, Gonzalo de Castro, Adolfo Fernández and Macarena García. ¡And here Andres Velencoso debuted!

Velvet y Velvet Collection (2014 – 2019. Antenna 3 and Movistar +)

In Spain we also have stories of great classic surfaces Velvet and then we see the daily life of a department store (inspired by centers like Galleries Preciados). Through their different characters and see the different positions, por supuesto, We are witnessing their personal dramas. He achieved great international success, especially in Spanish-speaking countries.

Series about fashion

Cristobal Balenciaga (2023. Disney +)

It tells the story of a man who dared to challenge his social status as the son of a seamstress and fisherman from the Spanish Civil War until the early 1970s using his natural talent., Constant work and a keen sense of business, Cristóbal Balenciaga became one of the most prominent fashion designers of all time.

series about fashion

Series about fashion in Türkiye 🇹🇷

The Tailor (Third parties) (2023. OGM Pictures. Distributor: Netflix)

A famous tailor starts sewing a wedding dress for his best friend's fiancée., but all three have dark secrets that will soon turn their lives upside down. It is an adaptation of the novel called "Hayata Do", escrita por Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu, a well-known novelist and TV show writer in Türkiye.

series about fashion

Series about fashion in Korea 🇰🇷

Fashion 70s / 패션 70s (2005. Seoul Broadcasting System SBS)

A series with historical dye that comes from South Korea. He is narrating an epic drama focusing on the lives of four young, since childhood during the Korean War , to their careers and love lives as adults. Portrays the passion of fashion designers who were pioneers in the fashion industry of Korea in the early 1970.

Style / 스타일 (2009. SBS)

Another Korean jewel, in this case 2009, starring Kim Hye-soo, It was based on the bestselling novel written by former fashion reporter Baek Young-ok. In the series (and the novel) We could see the operation of a fashion magazine. They define their protagonist as “extremely confident, stubborn and egocentric, but also it has a sense of fashion murderer”.

Fashion world series.

Fashion King (2012. SBS)

Little known in Europe and the US, This is a television drama in South Korea 2012. Starring Yoo Ah-in, Fashion King tells the story of an aspiring young designer who has nothing and began his fashion business as a seller in the Dongdaemun market.

Fashion series

Pasarela/My Runway (2019. Netflix)

This humorous miniseries from Korea, and starring one of its icons KPOP, Park – Ji Yeon, It tells the story of an exchange of bodies between an egomaniac supermodel and an aspiring model. They will be forced to live the life of another and so understand the problems or benefits that counts each.

Series about fashion

Philippines Series on fashion 🇵🇭

rival (2010. ABS-CBN)

This series of Philippine television that was based on the fashion world to develop dramas of the protagonists, It tells the story of two sisters daughter of a seamstress who will fight against the vicissitudes of fate to achieve his dream as designers in the difficult world of Philippine fashion.

Series about fashion

Lost Hearts / Villain (2017 – 2018. ABS-CBN)

Years later, and protected by the success of Magkaribal, He came the telenovela Pusong Ligaw that followed the previous storyline: two poor girls, en este caso, friends, They advance in your life to get your dream, create a fashion house.

Series about fashion

Japan Series on fashion 🇯🇵

Atelier / Underwear (2015. Netflix)

Directed by Ogata Ryûta, this Japanese series takes us to a lingerie design workshop for people with high purchasing power run by a man “which it is a tissue genius”. Besides talking about lingerie and fashion, también It shows the existing power struggles between older workers and new arrivals eager to take on the world.

Followers (2020. Netflix)

The series follows the lives of Limi Nara (Miki Nakatani), a famous fashion photographer, who close to the 40 años, you want to establish a family but continue your successful career, y Natsume Hyakuta (Elaiza Ikeda), a young aspiring actress. One day both are in a session where Nara portrays Natsume whose photo goes viral. This is how you will begin your journey as Influencers. The aesthetic direction is in charge of Mika Ninagawa, famous for its colorful photographs.

Fashion series on China 🇨🇳

Fashion War / :潮流 教主 (2016. TVB)

This is a series of Hong Kong in which The drama focuses on office politics a high fashion magazine in the big city Chinese. It also shows the dark side of the fashion industry. Como curiosidad, its main character was inspired by the likes of Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld.

Series about fashion in Brazil 🇧🇷

Ti Ti Ti (1985 – 1986. Globo)

It was a Brazilian telenovela based on the rivalry between Ariclenes Almeida (Luiz Gustavo) and André Espina (Reginaldo Faria), It is extending from their childhood, it becomes even deeper when Ari decides to enter the professional field of André, a famous designer of the city of São Paulo, known as Jacques Leclair.

Series about fashion

secret truths (2015. Globo)

This series on Brazilian fashion 2015 He addressed the issue of prostitution in the world of fashion and how young models suffer these situations. secret truths was winner at the International Emmy Awards for Best Telenovela in November 2016.

Series about fashion

Series of fashion in Cuba 🇨🇺

Nightlife (2002. Cubavisión)

It is a Cuban telenovela He showed how to run the fashion house "subtle" in Havana at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the XXI. its director, Marie Antoinette is handled 'with an iron fist«, which also trying to do with the life of his brother Ernesto, a young painter.

Fashion series on Colombia 🇨🇴

Ugly Betty, Ugly Betty, etc…

Although the original is Colombian, this series has circulated throughout the world achieving success in all its different versions countries (por ejemplo, in Israel it was called “Esti HaMekho’eret” and in German “Lisa's destiny”). Although this is a telenovela, We can not forget that also framed within the fashion world, since Betty went to work in a fashion company (or a magazine, or a signature, depends on the country) to contrast his image with those of other workers in the industry.

Series about fashion

Threads of Love (2010. Snail Television)

This telenovela also delves into the world of fashion by placing the characters around a textile company. Mariana and Scarlett are two very different sisters, one wants to set up her sewing workshop and the other to be an international model. Both will meet Roberto White, a millionaire textile company owner who will make love dramas escalate.

Series of fashion in Chile 🇨🇱

Love is fashionable (2005. Canal 13)

This soap opera 2005 It is an adaptation of the Brazilian Ti Ti Ti formerly named. (Brazil section). Here we return to relive the confrontation between two friends at the same rivals fighting as prestigious designers in the high peaks of local fashion.

Fashion series

Series of fashion in Argentina 🇦🇷

Edha (2018. Netflix)

A designer with a lot to hide and an aspiring model you want is to unmask the plot on which it is based edha. The first original production of Netflix in Argentina decided to focus on fashion to tell a story of intrigue. (You can see my full review of this series here)

Series about fashion

Fashion Series on Venezuela 🇻🇪

Cristal (1985 – 1986. RCTV International)

We could not forget the iconic soap opera Cristal, an international success unprecedented 80. The action took place in the world of haute couture Venezuela, in which the protagonist will infiltrate under the false name of Cristal to win the love and life saving obstacles from his evil mother. Although love was the key to everything, certainly it managed to build a fashion environment the most interesting.

Fashion series on Canada 🇨🇦

Cover Up / Spy fashionable (1984-1985 CBS)

It is another ochentera series focused on the francophone public. In the series about fashion we see the life of the fashion photographer Dani Reynolds suddenly changes after the death of her husband. Dani discovers that her husband was an undercover CIA agent and she will take his place with the alibi of another secret agent who will go through its "model". As a curiosity we can add that the song “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler was her theme song.

Love, Glory and Beauty / The Bold and the Beautiful (1987. CBS)

Con más de 8.000 episodes, He began airing in the 87 and from that moment it became a hit in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Morocco. Set in the world of haute couture, dramas attended five families (los Forrester, Spectra, Logan, Marone and Spencer).

Series about fashion in France 🇫🇷

class model (1993 – 1994. M6)

This French series of the nineties He showed us the lives of several characters who were learning to be models with a comic touch. Weight concerns or walking in high heels mixed with personal and loving dramas in a sitcom which was 120 episodes.

Kaiser Karl (Becoming Karl Lagerfeld) (2024 – Disney+ )

It chronicles the rise of legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld in the Parisian fashion world of the 1990s. 1970 and his rivalry with Yves Saint Laurent's partner, Pierre Berge, as well as her love story with Jacques de Bascher.

Series about fashion from Germany 🇩🇪

Aenne Burda, the economic miracle (2018. Polyphon Pictures)

This biographical series tells the story of the German Aenne Burda and her family publishing company from Offenburg. Anne gained recognition with her fashion and tailoring publication (where patterns and tutorials were included to teach how to sew and create your own garments) which is still active today: Burda Style.

Series about fashion in Portugal 🇵🇹

Totally awesome / fully Diva (2015. Globo)

This Portuguese series tells the life of Eliza, a young man who runs away from his house in the country and is tempted to become a model, ¡but she does not want to! It will be love (and drama) what will be changing his mind. Its authors define history as a mixture of Pigmalião 70 y Top Model.

Series about fashion from Italy 🇮🇹

Maggie & Bianca: Fashion Friends (2016 – 2017. Rai Gulp)

This child / youth series mix American fashion with the Italian in a somewhat unusual way. Maggie is an eccentric American girl who wins a scholarship to the Academy of Milan Fashion, there he will meet Bianca, daughter of a powerful Italian fashion mogul. Room and shared many adventures.

Fashion Series

Made in Italy (2019). Mediaset

The series presents Irene Mastrangelo, played by Greta Ferro , a young daughter of immigrants from southern 23 years that, To continue studying, responds to fashion magazine Appeal ad. Además, fashion lovers will be able to delight in original creations from the designers of that time,

EXTRA series on fashion

Had many doubts whether to include in this article the following series about fashion, since they are in a “very interesting loophole”. In the end I decided we had to put them but treating them in a special way. ¿Why? Although no backbone series about nothing fashion, Many of his characters are directly involved in the world of fashion and thanks to them we went to presentations, design processes or parades.

Within this special category found, sin duda, Sexo en Nueva York (HBO) where Carrie Bradshaw besides being fashionable writer, I was always surrounded by designers or events where fashion was essential.

Inspired by the aforementioned Sex and the City, We also found the case Iron Ladies (SET Metro), a Japanese series 2018 which also he had the lives of four women in transiting casually by the fashion world)

Too we find Gossip Girl. (The CW Television Network – available on Netflix) although we remember that it was based on the dramas and gossip upper class New Yorker, also he showed through its protagonists of fashion.

Nor can we forget us Lipstick Jungle (NBC) in which the world of fashion is important because it is the work of some of its protagonists and, although we see enough details, vertebra not the script.

In This line also found Singles Ladies (VH1). This American series 2001 It was produced by Queen Latifah. had the lives of three women and their ambitions, both in the world of fashion, as a professional level. Also saw how ambition It is very much in the fashion world.

And finally… ¿Do you know of any other series on fashion that I have missed?? If so, indícala in comments and add the article to have the largest collection of series that show the vast and varied world of fashion. ¡Thanks!