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There are few pleasures comparable to having a good cup of coffee. But beyond being a small ritual that we can enjoy with all five senses, coffee is also a great ally for beauty and well-being.

Inside each grain there are numerous properties that have been shown to have benefits for the skin., the figure and, incluso, our state of mind. If you thought that this drink only had the power to clear your mind in the morning, you still have a lot to discover about this delicious elixir beauty. Therefore, drinking coffee, beauty and well-being are closely linked.

drink coffee beauty
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Carlos Gotor, CEO of BOU, reviews the five most interesting aspects of coffee to feel better inside and, por supuesto, outside.

  • antioxidant power.Coffee is one of the main sources of polyphenols (specifically chlorogenic acid) in our diet, great skin protectants”, highlights Charles Gotor. “these substances, also present in cocoa, tea or wine, They are known for their antioxidant action that translates into neutralizing the negative action of free radicals produced by external factors such as pollution., stress or ultraviolet radiation and responsible for premature aging and triggers of skin inflammation”, explains the CEO of BOU. Specific, polyphenols help the skin recover its PH and find it more hydrated and revitalized, as well as more resistant against external aggressions.
  •  anti-cellulite action. If we talk about coffee, it is inevitable to talk about caffeine. “Precisely this alkaloid, in addition to being a stimulant, has other properties that lead it to be considered a great anti-cellulite agent.”, points out Carlos Gotor. Por un lado, has the ability to help dissolve fat accumulated in the body and limit its accumulation. For another, Added to this lipolytic effect is the fact that caffeine facilitates microcirculation, essential to treat cellulite.
drink coffee beauty
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  • satiating and diuretic. It is enough to have a cup of coffee in the middle of the morning to verify both effects. This drink provides a perfect feeling of satiety to avoid snacking between meals. Además, its consumption causes an increase in blood flow to the kidneys and, consequently, urine production. “Being satiating and diuretic, coffee becomes an ideal drink to keep fit and consume as part of a healthy diet”, Gotor explains.
  • Greater sports performance. Several studies of the International Society of Nutrition in the Sport corroborate that moderate caffeine consumption may be effective in improving performance when practicing exercise, above all we talk about running or athletics. Para ello, the ideal is to have a cup 60 minutes before. Además, This drink delays the onset of fatigue and increases respiratory capacity and frequency.. Having a cup after training can also come in handy. Given that, according to the American Physiological Society, muscle recovery will be faster.
  • ¡and happier! For the most coffee lovers, tasting a good coffee is a joy. “But is that, además, there is a direct relationship between moderate coffee consumption and positive thoughts”, says the CEO of BOU. has shown, among other investigations, those conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health (USA). Based on the results of a sample of more than 200.000 individuals, the scientists concluded that caffeine can provide effects similar to those of a mild antidepressant and markedly improve feelings of well-being. ¿And what better ally than drinking coffee belleza that happiness?

About BOU: BOU is a family business from Barcelona, born in 1957, that is committed to making unique interpretations of the different types of coffee. In the words of Carlos Gotor, CEO of the company "you will discover coffee as you have never tasted it before". The raw material, technology and R&D is the real differential factor to enjoy the best coffee. ¿The objective? Offer a quality product so that lovers of good coffee can live special moments around each cup.

En 2018 innovate with the Bou On Plan to help their professional clients achieve their goals. En 2020, con BOU at home, It is now possible to enjoy the best cafeteria coffee at home. And everything to achieve a coffee that makes you enjoy, that leaves a good taste in the mouth during 15 minutes and is capable of achieving unique and special moments in front of a cup.