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A new, and both rescued, vision of the dreaded white male costume.

I've never been in favor of clear costumes. I typically look a bit tatty and hardly combined to luzcan stylish. In this case we see that, with a background story, and accompanied by the finest cuts and marks, which may be more suitable.

El modelo Shaun De Wet se enfunda trajes de Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Hermès, Tom Ford, Gucci and Bottega Veneta, entre otros, to emulate the famous series of the eighties photographed by Arnaldo Anaya Lucca's in the March issue of 2013 GQ Japan. How could the publisher? it must be called "Miami Vice"

No doubt Jacky Tam, performing the styling, Has got turning an idea into a somewhat stale essential, por supuesto, Retro recovering nicely positioned emblems in the consumer's mind with a certain nostalgic air. I do not know if the young people will be ready, but I'm sure over a thirty it is considering wangle a good light suit. Unfortunately they are not entirely suitable for overweight boys with something - so I still resist a little Although I will not refuse a white pants and an American color!.

Surely with these ideas you can get change this primavera – verano the "uniform" work proposed more desenfadas; especially if you are not afraid to mistake you for one of the proto Miami Vice in the very 2013.