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Discover the best tips to make up mulatto or black skin with my good friend Pilar Moreno

Some time ago I asked my friend Pilar, a spectacular mulatto, he always protected looked perfect, write your beauty tips and makeup mulatto skin. As you know in this blog everything is possible and the more variety there is more I will be proud of your name, so it seemed very interesting to see first hand and trasladaros these tips and details for mulatto or black skins! I leave you with your article that is a joy!

Hello fan @ s Gafas yellow!!

My great friend takes asking me tell you a little about dark skin because I am mulatto, and although I am no expert, because I dress or paint according to my mood or because I like, I guess trust me. Here you have my point of view:

One of our biggest challenges, when it comes makeup, It is hit in the tones to be used for that are well adapted to our skin tone, since there is a wide range of complexions, both clear, as means and dark. The trick is: observe the skin tone of the inside of your wrist, because it is the one that reflects your true color.

Fair skin: Speaking in my case opted for a natural face without too much makeup, why I choose the bases are light, the same color of my skin with a matte finish. As for blush I use a tone Pink, así I bring freshness and naturalness and give some joy to the face.

I usually do not use many shadows or excessively bright lips since I was very thick and highlight; However in recent nights out yes I have been very marked by change and find more fun and to moda... as are the trends this year.
One must know how to choose the right shades, both eyes and lips that are the protagonists. So I advise for optarais up with golden accents for the day. Peach or neutral lips gloss, with golden shades. At night you can wear a more daring and cheerful style with lilac or fuchsia lips and smoky eyes.

Notice: the mulatto girls with a light skin tone lipstick red wine, brown or purple will make you look pale.

Half skins: For daytime opt for a copper or pink blush, brown eyeliner, blue or green and neutral lips or lip gloss. At night smoky eyes with a lip to metallic copper, scarlet red or burgundy.

Dark skin: Among the more cold dark skin tones or warmer. for example the case of a Senegalese woman that her complexion is darker or a Guinean who is warmer, imaginad a Alek Wek (the first photo of the post) o Grace Jones, and in the second case Naomi Campbell e Iman (photo below).

For daytime opt for neutral colors Range of light brown, earth tones, touch base with reddish blush and bronze, dorado, copper or plum, neutral or transparent lip gloss, and earth tone shades. And for the night:

  • Cool shades: lilac metallic shades, lime green and electric blue are the most fun options, entrenched by liners in neon shades.
  • A warmer: lipstick the color of the mouth and metal, wine and gold, metallic shadows, and black eyeliner

In all cases not forget that the tabs are very important, You should not miss to get a good mask, with shadows produce, a spectacular look, long eyelashes, and you and you have…I'm envious!!

Por último, say what, normally these skin tones, they are quite dry skin, so I recommend that the well hidratéis.

I hope you liked it and that will be useful!!

Pilar Moreno Copoború