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There is a certain urban legend that says that looking for gifts for men is more complicated than for women. ¿What is this theory about?? ¿There are keys to hit the gifts for men?

Each Christmas, every birthday, every important date we always ask ourselves the same questions, ¿What a gift to this special person? This question becomes even more complicated if the person to be entertained is a man., ¿why? ¿How to avoid thinking that gifts for men are more complicated?

Let's leave behind archaic rationing and think of gifts as something that makes everyone equally happy. If in reality we always look for the same thing, ¿no?: See how the person's face lights up when they receive it…

man staring at the gold box on a wooden surface

¿Why is it said that it is more difficult to give gifts to men??

Obviously there is no formula, not a law, no genetic makeup, not even a ridiculous tradition that defines that giving as a gift has more or less difficulty depending on the sex.

Sincerely, i think this thought reflects a certain machismo and condescension with the female gender, since it is understood that women «they will be more grateful» y «more sweets» and they will settle for what is given to them. And that's not something unique to women., there will be more sentimental people, others more grateful or others more lazy…. The fact that they have socialized with gender stereotypes should not matter to us to seek their surprise and treat them with our gift.

It is true that we cannot ignore that historically the image of women linked to tastes has been greatly enhanced, pleasures and enjoyment – also because of machismo, sin duda – and when giving gifts, it is always sought that those present cause this type of sensations. Hence, the most typical gift for a woman was a perfume «to like and delight» and the classic gift for men was a tie «to work and show formality». Sleep, how stale everything, ¿no?

friends, We are in the 21st century and now we all access work and pleasures in very similar ways., ¡as it should be! So forget that gifts for men are more difficult and think of the gift for what it is.: a show of affection regardless of gender.

4 keys to succeed with gifts for men

The first thing is that you forget a little about the genre. Vale, I have also been playing with this to position this article, but little by little we must open our minds and that is why I made this article about agender gifts, because the illusion did not have sex.

regalos para hombre

But hey, Let's continue with the term that does not occupy, which is the specific casuistry of having to give something to men. Let's see some ideas and keys to get it right (or at least look good).

relationship comes first: It is perhaps the most important key because all the others derive from it., we have to be clear about the type of relationship and closeness we have with the man to whom we are going to give. Even if it's common sense, many times with our nerves we cross limits or we stay very far. It is not the same to give our father, hermano, partner or simply a friend or co-worker whom we have recently met. Clearly establishing these limits will help us put our intention and execution into perspective..

Budget: Sí, you might be surprised to see this variable so soon, ¡but we cannot ignore that pasta helps us (and sometimes, a lot) to be able to choose things. Take stock of the total budget for the gift and then value everything that surrounds it (shipping costs if the purchase has been made online, the box or packaging if necessary, etc…) and make a proposal as tight as possible to focus your gift and not go around the bush when you start looking for them.

The personality (yours): Look at the personality of the specific person and it will be easier for you to hit. Think of a gift as something that excites him, not just for the mere fact of giving away. Because it is also not so much about what to give as much as what modality of that we give away. Among the most common gifts we can find accessories for the wardrobe such as ties, shoes or slippers, belts, etc. But it will not be the same as giving away an Adidas t-shirt to do deportation than an Adolfo Domínguez shirt to wear. ¿TRUE?

That happens the same with all types of gifts and it doesn't matter if he is a very classic man., very modern, very sporty or very hippie. To everyone you could think of as a gift to a concert, but choose with the best possible touch which artist.

A specific case is technology – who is also usually very sweet on gifts for men – and that in this case, In addition to his personality, we must also think about his usefulness. ¿Why does your grandfather want the latest smartwatch or your streamer nephew an astrolabe?? (I have gone too far with the astrolabe, ¿no? I can't think of any other old thing to give to the young, jaja)

The personality (yours): We cannot forget that when giving gifts we are also showing who we are (a more or less successful gift says a lot about the person giving it) por eso assess how your relationship with the honoree is and what points of your union or way of relating you should value. If it is a friend with whom you always joke, do not hesitate to make a funny gift, If it is a professional contact, it seeks a more practical approach or if it is a love relationship, it may have a more sentimental or even erotic touch..