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There’s no map to human behaviour / Maybe I’ll be a feminist in my old age.

Björk is known worldwide for the unique "costumes" that she wears not only at her concerts., also in daily life. For her, every day is Halloween.

His relationship with the moda it is very narrow, maybe we'll never see her dressed in a Chanel, Prada, Valentino, not because they don't like them but because for her it might be something too conventional, prefers to be seduced by the wildest of fashion, Rai Kawakubo, Viktor &Rolf, Hussein Chalayan, Macedonian Marjan Pejoski what did the famous swan suit that he wore at the Oscars of 2001 and that would arouse the most bitter criticism.

He has also worked with Jean Paul Gaultier even as a model, in the collection of 94, with the most ethnic Gaultier and who was recorded in the film "Prêt à Porter" by Robert Altman during 11 seconds. Photographers like David Lachapelle, Erez Sabag, Jean Baptiste Mondino, David Sims, Ohashi Jin has been portrayed and made videos with her.

Sin embargo the closest relationship with someone in fashion has been with Alexander McQueen, No one like her, despite his meter sixty-two , has been able to interpret the designs of this creator ; unforgettable moment at the Fashion Rocks of the 2003, at the Royal Albert Hall, where Björk sings Bachelorette Wrapped in a dramatic black feather and velvet suit , a crystal mask and a huge straw wig, while the Mcqueen dresses parade. The designer would make the video for the song Alarm call for her in the middle of a pond full of crocodiles, vegetation, vampires, a boa and piranhas, piranha herself in a haunting and oppressive environment.

MacQueen and Björk shared the same artistic and personal vision of life, it is not strange that she composed a song in his memory and it is that her voice, pure emotionality and dedication, was the best counterpoint to Mcqueen's creations and his tragic and evocative sense of design.

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Bio: Bjork is one of the most original and creative figures in music in recent years; born in Reykjavik, Iceland, el 21 de noviembre de 1965, he started very early in music; at the age of eleven he had already recorded records. His adolescence coincides with the punk movement to which he immediately adheres creating an entirely female group. Later, in the eighties, he went through various jazz or rock bands such as Kukl or The sugarcubes. . En 1986 has his first child, Sindri. En 2002 his daughter Isadora would be born, named after dancer Isadora Duncan.

It is not until 1993 who begins to sing and compose solo and does so with an album of the appropriate name, “Debut”. From this album his career and his fame skyrocket, follow other recordings like Post, Telegram , Homogenic, Time , Medulla or the newly launched Biophilia , over two decades of work.

Has also done cine , three films very distant in time; but why she is remembered, cinematically speaking, es Dancer in the dark of the demonized today Lars Von Triers, He also made the soundtrack and for which he would win several awards as an actress and also as a composer; but in spite of that he promised that he would never go to the movies again. Nothing more to say; just feel how our hair stand on end when he sings “So Broken” with such intensity and tear, and Raimundo Amador on guitar. Touching.