Jean Seberg
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Now that the 60 y 70 to the world of fashion, we cannot forget to pay a small tribute to one of the icons of that time.

A principios de los años sesenta el cine , like many other aspects of society, it was changing and a lot , new ideas , new aesthetics ... In front of 'jaquetonas' like Elizabeth Taylor , Kim Novak or Sofía Loren appear other very different actresses, changing the aesthetic paradigm. At that moment we find Jean Seberg who bursts into the cinema with a androgynous image , fragile, very short hair ,striped t-shirts, hipster pants ...

Let's say your film career was fast but intense. The first three films of this actress, born in Iowa , are already part of the history of cinema. Joan of Arc , Bonjour Tristesse both with Otto Preminger and À bout du souffle by Jean Luc Godard would catapult her to stardom for her talent as an actress and for being films with innovative proposals that at that time were even scandalous!. This increased the image of Jean Seberg even more, which made him a direct influence throughout the world., cuando empezó a ponerse de moda la denominada estética sixty y pop.

A life marked by scandal - line fresh from The Biography Channel – y sus líos con un líder de the black panthersvigilada por el FBI , addicted to barbiturates and alcohol, which plunged her into great depressions that ended her life in a very cinematic way (was found dead inside a car.)

That image between fresh girl, innocent and carefree, but that can be perverse still on the crest of the wave, and his style is breathed every day in the most daring fashionistas in Hollywood, como Michelle Williams , Emma Watson, Hillary Swank and even Helen Mirren herself, who have not hesitated to imitate his pixie haircut . As i always say, hair is not just a matter of style, ¡sino de actitud!

Sin duda, my sincere tribute to Jean Seberg, una de las impulsoras – y referente indiscutible – del genial estilo sixties que tanto me gusta y que revolucionó la forma en que las mujeres se relacionan con el mundo y con ellas mismas.