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A classic film actress who knew how to give life and popularize a new "concept" in fashion, especially in Spain. Rebeca famous by Joan Fontaine.

Joan Fontaine was born in Tokyo, el 22 de octubre de 1917. Sister of actress Olivia de Havilland, pertenecen ambas al mítico Hollywood de los años dorados del cine. He made his film debut in 1935, participating since then in many film productions, theater and television. Although it owes its fame to the films he shot on the orders of Alfred Hitchkock : “Suspicion” , junto a Cary Grant , why would win the Oscar and, especially, “Rebeca”.

Rebeca was the first film that Hitchcock filmed in Hollywood although almost the entire cast was British. For the female lead were rejected over thirty actresses, including Vivien Leigh, protagonist gone With the Wind, and Olivia de Havilland, who refused to be tested knowing that his sister Joan had also been selected. Both were enemies and rivals, in a feud that continues to this day. In the end,  decision was taken at the last moment: Joan Fontaine.

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The interpretive weight of the film rests largely on his character, the second Mrs. de Winter. Hitchcock put everything he could to Fontaine nervous on the set, predisposed against it the entire cast him not to spec word, which he enhanced the performance of helplessness and loneliness of the protagonist of the film. Fontaine felt really alone, insecure and scared inside and outside the film.

One by curiosidades: The title character in film, Rebeca, never comes on screen y ,por el contrario, the protagonist, Winter's second wife is not the never mentioned by name on the tape. Also note that Hitchcock saw Rebeca a fairy tale in which a young man of humble origin falls in love with a gentleman of high society tormented by his past. The wardrobe of the protagonist agrees with this premise and at first see dressed in simplicity equivalent to the insecurity of their character costumes and evolve according to the trust acquires the character throughout the film.

All this preamble was necessary to talk about what matters in this article is the popularity acquired a garment that appears frequently in the film and Rebecca gave the name in our language ...

The dictionary of the language reflects the origin of the word:

Rebeca. (The proper name Rebeca, título de un filme de A. Hitchcock, based on a novel by Daphne du Maurier, whose lead actress wore garments of this type).

  1. f. Female cardigan, neckless, ahead buttoned, and whose first button is, as usual, up to the throat.

The garment has continued to retain this name until today and still trend, as it was in those years forty, where it was combined with a single jersey fabric and color thereof.

With his usual irony Hitchcock spoke of the essence Rebeca at a conference; said that if he did Rebeca en color, “lto the presence of the dead would be represented by a single color, which could be exploited even commercially. Think for a moment in a color called Rebecca and sold in all stores”.