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A 15 years of his death ... How a beautiful woman with pedigree, with success and fortune , in the best society , ends like this? The question is easy ... the answers not so much.

The 1970s began with the oil crisis in 1973. Gone were the fun and liberating sixties of miniskirts, hippies and free love.  La moda suffers from the crisis and the skirts get longer - between midis and maxis the game goes, the miniskirt is banished - ,wide pants and high waists , unisex fashion , monkeys; in the mid-decade a women's fashion influenced by men's fashion - such as Yves Saint Laurent's tuxedo dress – and the films The Great Gastby and Annie Hall had a decisive influence on this decade.

Women left behind androgyny or girlish airs to be more aware of their attributes, and take advantage of it: Long hair with curly manes, afros, generous breasts, energize each curve - leading us to think of very wide necklines both in front and behind.

In this scenario the actress and model Margaux Hemingway appears , granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway , tall and blonde - and with a curious champagne name “Chateau Margaux”. Her husband back then introduced her to the most of American fashion, Gloria Vandervilt , The Revlon, designer Halston… And from that moment on he would start to cover covers in magazines like Women's wear Daily or Vogue  – who came to qualify her as a supermodel, title that previously had only been given to Twiggy and a few others -. But the bomb hit him in the Time magazine cover at 1975 with the name of the new beauty. The milestone came when in that same year, Margaux got the most expensive contract a model had ever received, a million dollars for being the image of Babe de Fabergé perfume.


At that time Margaux Hemingway became herself "the most", moving in the fashionable places, as a Studio 54, frequented by "the chic" of the moment , Andy Warhol , Saint Laurent , Grace Jones , John Travolta , Bianca Jagger ...  Between its four walls, you know, drug use occurred, alcohol and sex from which he could not escape. Inside were numerous sexual encounters and unlimited drug use from which she could not escape.


After various roles in cine that were unsuccessful - like Lipstick or Killer Fish - their moment of splendor passed very quickly- It would be in the 80s  when he fell into numerous depressions , bad relationships with your family , marital problems, drugs and alcohol, bringing his life to a tragic end: committed suicide with a lethal dose of drugs in 1996.