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I relay the letter that you sent me Purification Mata's daughter talking about his mother and his signature. How not to get excited? So they have felt many of the passions for fashion and clothing itself.

Purification is my mother Mata, special, as every mother is this world, worried about their children, family and especially for work. As dressmaker since more than 35 años, Continuous purification adjusting low, ironing seams and designing the perfect model
exclusive and tailor-made for you.

The illusion of her life was always to have a shop facing the public to satisfy both brides with a particular taste for moda, demanding in detail and
accuracy; as to those hardcore fans of flamenco fashion. “With needle and thread can all be done

From small, have a nice flamenco dress, of gathers or simple carnival costume it was always very easy to get, Slay created for purification
you of nothing, and as if by magic, the dress was ready in an instant. It was unbelievable seen through the eyes of two little sisters almost twins, just because
separates us one year old. My passion was always able to make my own clothes for my dolls with scraps fallen on the ground was very difficult and ended up putting velcro everywhere. Instead my mother with two cuts and stitching created our dream, again it seemed as if a fairy godmother used her magical wand. Always on the people he has known for his hands, with the expression: "What have hands Puri", it's like everybody knows.

She has always been considered a little educated person, due to the shortage of existing educational facilities for over 50 años, but with great natural talent recognized. Por eso, this year 2011, We decided thus help thanking all the love you have given us during our lives and we want to take a leap of quality at the media level so we launched the brand Purification Mata in the world of fashion through Internet. With our help is making its way in this difficult profession. We bring our generous collaboration as a model and inspiration to all collections. So let yourself go for advice knowing that you are in good hands, as a mother concerned for your welfare.

Claudina Jimenez Mata