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The Blonds, brand emblem divas (and transvestites), proposes horror films as a fashionista element for next fall - winter 2013


And when I say horror, I tell horror, literally. Nothing I veiled references to witches or vampiric neo talk about aesthetics ... blood marks made with glass and stones or the far side of Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" as stamping. This is one of the parades funnier and expected the New York Fashion Week because they are able to propose very bold designs that combine perfectly with the aesthetic entertainment and exercise more disinhibited.

I like the moda that surprises me, I enjoy, y que, albeit somewhat useless, We hooked and love. I'm not a diva, us a travesty, also be assessed in these excesses interesting elements, transgressors and foremost, fun - although we are dealing films utter fear.

Allegory visual fun and he is shaking in the thin line between the frivolous art. Cool the gabardine made with shower curtains "Psychosis”, dress ropes, the "Twin grown-up". With surprises like coat "bear" become straitjacket or carrying knives like brooches are treated highborn. And all so full of details like nails or makeup. De verdad, a great job not only design but also styling.

And another plus, yes they are models Let tits! Let you legs! Let wigs! Gives joy to see them. You know that I do chiflan femmes fatales / putones.

The Blonds became famous for its corsets that have worn from Beyonce to Rihanna, and although they maintain the trail and remain very theatrical, They have managed to make more commercial elements. Like curiosity to emphasize that the designer / designer signature Philippe Blonds is the blonde who comes to the end of the parade with a red monkey completely stones.