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Up to you is the emblem that has revolutionized the concept of “adaptable” shoes.  The secret? Using adaptive mold and a heel with magnetic attachment.

An adaptive shoe is not just do what you can put a skirt or trousers, It is to fit what you need in each case…. Imagine being able to adapt the heel of your shoe at all times. You go outmoda in the morning at home, you go up the self-esteem - and centimeters - for a mid-morning meeting; hustle when they would eat for great comfortable shoes; and after work in the evening you decide to go to take a stick and become a 'leona" again…

Now it is possible with Mossto, the company has developed a heeled shoe realistic variable height and true - even while is now on sale!  The shoe company introduced last September 2011 in Milan and since then has had an increasing media coverage and fan. “Through improved technology of magnets, Mossto is the first Spanish company to offer the possibility of exchanging heel height in the same shoe”.

Es muy sencillo, is a magnetic heel that "binds" the leading and integrated heel shoe. It's as simple as exchanging the two pieces with a simple click (Do magnets are clicking or what they do?) Bag is worn on the heel parts and is allowed to pass a one 4cms heel 8cm.  “We have studied the morphology of the foot and plantar pressures at different heights to develop a mold designed to maintain comfort in different positions”.


The best is to combine technology and fashion, because although it has a process of R & D + I, the fact is that still pretty. (or what seem to me). Plus I love the concept of the mark adapted to women today, versatile and "claws can get when they want"But without sacrificing comfort and versatility. The truth is that I had seen prototypes and ideas of variables heels, but this, with his "naturalness"I think simplicity and can become fundamental to the future.


About Mossto: La firma española, based in Almansa(Albacete), It was created in 2008 as a project on the study of a technological concept and convertible footwear, materials research and building new silhouettes with a large creative team with the collaboration of shoe designers, professional R & D and Marketing, technical and business management.


The shoes that illustrate the post are the Spring - Summer collection 2012 that Mossto has kindly passed me when I asked info about the brand.