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Christmas is the time for gifts and excellence from Marco Mavilla proposed MMTime give a united gem while…

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Here in ad plan

You know I am passionate about watches, it is because of that MMTime firm has agreed to collaborate with me not only with my funny Digitona, if not mange making a big surprise this Christmas. In my house always celebrates in style the day of the Immaculate Conception, who agreed that it was the birthday of my grandmother and holy, and the saint of my mother. This year I wanted to pass him the gift of kings and I "pepititazado".

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Marco Mavilla has created "Pepito" a collection of watches with a strong personality: "Watch where time is just a detail". The designer has modified the concept of transforming them into a fine watches and capricious jewel where design and good taste.

You know that there are six collections available (Skull, Royal, Crown, Lucky, Heart y Eye) y yo I decided the Crown because it is the queen of the house. (I already know that Prince, juas juas, como could you see here). It is made of steel and black nylon, and in this case it has some Swarovski crystals - not the simple or the more ornate model, in the medium term is the virtue. So my dear mother he has not even mijita to envy the very Kate Moss.

The prices of these watch - jewel – depending on the model can be € 190, 250€ and 350 €. If you want to do with one, or give them to whoever you please, you can check the stores available on its website: pepito mmtime mama (3)