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The technology developed by works as a stylist, recommends the best combinations and garments based on your tastes, your morphology, your lifestyle and the money you want to invest in clothes (1)

Juan Hurtado, Iñaki Casal and Alberto López, de, have found an algorithm that democratizes style and good taste for free: be able to create looks with different clothes and interact with them thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

Who has not ever entered an online store and seen the typical message of "You might also like these products"? With these cross-selling and up-selling mechanisms, companies increase their sales by up to 30%. Sin embargo, These recommendation systems do not work online from moda. That's why it arose, a technology that does allow adequate advice to be given to customers of online fashion stores. (2)

“The biggest challenge you have faced in is to be able to identify when different garments combine adequately with each other, according to fashion standards, shaping a perfect look "_assure its founders (1)The ability to generate looks Until you find the right one is infinite and you can access online stores to buy what has convinced you, although the application, who knows your tastes well, It will only show you the clothes for sale that look really good on you. The more you use the service, the more personalized the recommendation will be because here, selling clothes is not a goal, but a consequence of providing a quality service.

The young company cannot reveal the secrets of the algorithm, which is still patent pending. What we can reveal is that they combine traditional artificial intelligence techniques, such as neural networks and genetic algorithms, trained for whole days by stylists, with tailor-made algorithms to polish such definitive aspects as colors and fabrics.