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Add a touch of fun to your kitchen and everything you know best

The kitchen is one of the most practical and important places of our home. Maybe that's why we make this space a place marked by sober and formal designs, dedicating to highlight its functionality and possibilities dare leaving original kitchens.

I am nothing cocinicas, pero eso no quiere decir que no me guste disfrutar en la cocina y para ello es importante que las convirtamos en algo divertido y especial jugando con la decoración. Muchas veces, as partners only when utility, We forget give our personal and fun touch and it is essential that our whole house breathe our essence.

Bar Gourmet : Cocinas de estilo moderno de Estúdio 102

Discard the possibilities offered funny kitchens may be a mistake, porque the truth is that there had long enough to ensure that the activity is enjoyable. Por eso, whether it be small or large kitchens, It is important to have different ideas, elements and details that can make our "gastronomic laboratory" a fun place and pleasant to help us relax and evade stress.

Decoration shops can help provide original and fun touches to these spaces, as Homify where you can find ideas about it with tricks like how to organize small kitchens (without forgetting the funny point) or being able to mix elements from other rooms of the house in our kitchens. But I'll also give some generic ideas and tricks to explore your creativity in the kitchen.

white kitchen : Cocinas de estilo minimalista de Home Staging Factory

Fun ideas for kitchens

Electrodomésticos «tuneados». These indispensable companions in the kitchen are usually characterized by sober and monotonous line. Pero, that can be completed if we decided to set up kitchens fun. There are many models, even those with retro air with curvilinear shapes and bright colors, that can change the entire look of the kitchen.

Everywear Vinyls. In the original kitchens, vinyl adhesives have much to say. Vinyls and sold to the same extent washers, refrigerators and kitchen furniture, with different colors, drawings or figures. They can even be personalized with the image you want, even becoming bored tiles artworks.

Slate tiles and walls. The well-chosen tiles can break sobriety, help to liven up the atmosphere and get those funny kitchens we want. The walls are decorated with paint slate effect, on which we can write with chalk and erase easily, also they bring their amusement and changing! because if we are hands we can change the design or even leave different messages each day to cheer up the family, your partner or yourself.

Kitchen Past-IT (Hands Made Ideas) : Cocinas de estilo industrial de Simona Garufi

Modern and colorful lighting. The technology of the LED lights is also an important asset for us to enjoy original and functional kitchens. Strips of different colors provide different environments in different corners, to our liking. Always associated the kitchen must be illuminated in neutral tones to see well what is cooking, but these touches of color can come great in more relaxed moments.

The tools can also be fun. Change traditional utensils by others with funny looking, also they pose an interesting change in the kitchen. There are many and varied, with such curious forms that get get a smile. Nor should one fail to take into account the game that gets the combination of old details with more modern.

Cocinas de estilo moderno de Asenne Arquitetura

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