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A new addition comes into our heads hand man Dolce & Gabanna ¡God save men with crown!

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Dolce & Gabanna It puts the spotlight, get cross his collection inspired by the Middle Ages, a supplement that until now was relegated only to royalty and the odd birthday Burger King. And I say, yes men with crown. ¿I would dare to wear it on a Saturday night? No (por ahora) pero ¿I would love to do it? Totally. Seems inspiring, funny, and certainly with an undeniable royal touch ¡You would be the prince of any party!

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I think what really won me over is the full roll Dolce & Gabanna, as I said inspired by the Middle Ages but with a contemporary adaptation and homage through the prints and patterns. I recognize that there has always fascinated me that historical period though he was currently a bit reluctant – In fact, I don't watch Game of Thrones because I find it so boring. – but after this proposal from Domenico and Stefano I think back to return the affection if he had this iconoclastic struggle between knights and kings. The theme of Italian success was not only used if prints but also the accesorización as crowns or gloves zapatos with precious stones. A complete look that captivates us thinking of a past full of style.

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It is also true that maybe out of that environment and other less expensive than modelísticas these guys it can be a little weird” go crowned. But everything is set and play offshoring. Y sobre todo, be clear that men with crown are just one more option within the branch of fun moda, unprejudiced.

For those who do not dare with crowns Men You can also cover their heads with the hangman version o (mail to the head) knitted, more discreet if, but also much less inspiring. ¡Although it must be warm!

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Ahora, my kings ¡to be crowned!

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