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The project has the approval of the legacy of Francis Bacon and offers a wide range of products based and inspired by British artist.

Now we can all have our product Bacon! (Festival del humor!)

Francis Bacon's legacy has authorized the creation of a new online store that offers a selection of high quality products based on the works of Bacon, and images and documents iconic painter's studio in London. This initiative is an interesting new way to publicize and protect the legacy of the artist.

The store will allow the general public purchase products throughout the year, and not only during exhibitions. In addition to this project, democratization is achieved by Bacon's work accessible to everyone their memories and images.

The collection includes, camisetas, belts, cushions, trays and beach towels. Also available is a selection of posters and postcards, libros and DVD's, and original exhibition catalogs dating back to 1980. Por último, It is planned to incorporate in brief a selection of limited editions.

The legacy keeps a strict quality control on the articles that have been launched this new project. Prominent among these, a sophisticated cashmere blanket with the artist's signature and the quote: “The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery” ("The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery"); an elegant silk scarf print a portrait of Bacon 1972 and a set of elegant black printed coffee mugs with other quotes: “I painted to be loved” ("Pinto to be loved").

These items carefully designed combining quality craftsmanship with extraordinarias images and quotes that reveal much about the artist and his famous work. "The general public really does not know yet. He attracts a knowledgeable audience of the art world and he has studied his work. This project can help introduce the figure of Francis Bacon to a much wider audience ", declared Christophe Dejean, administrator of copyright and image of the legacy.