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gel nails are moda. At the end of the day, offer a totally natural appearance and look perfect. They also accept enamels of all kinds of colors, which is very useful to combine them with our clothing. Pero ¿how is its maintenance carried out? if you have doubts, pay attention.

¿How to apply gel nails?

Gel nails
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The procedure is very simple. Specific, It is based on the placement of a gel polish on the natural nail.. Apparently, the bigger it is and the better health it enjoys, best.
Sin embargo, this polish does not look like acrylic, which dries when it comes into contact with air. In order for it to solidify on the natural nail, it is necessary to apply an ultraviolet light to each layer.. The number of layers will depend, basically, the thickness you want to achieve. Later, the desired color is applied.

This process, in a specialized center nails in Valencia, it may take a couple of hours. The average duration is between 3 y 5 semanas, depending on the state of the natural nails and how long it takes for the user to get used to them. It is not strange that, if they get long, one breaks while we get used to dealing with them on a day-to-day basis.

¿How is its maintenance carried out??

as is obvious, the natural nail will continue to grow under the gel nail. This will cause a "hole" to be generated.” at the base from which it is born. when i show up, the chances of it breaking will be much higher. Sin duda, this is the main reason to return, approximately, once a month to place padding.

Sin embargo, during that step through the aesthetic center, Not only will said filling be placed. The other end of the gel nail will also be filed and, with the, of the natural nail. Only in this way is it possible to maintain the desired length and correct aesthetics.. It is also possible to apply new color nail polish.

There is a possibility that, if one or several gel nails are in very bad condition, the person responsible for placing and maintaining them decides to remove them and put new ones. Sin embargo, this is something that the user should never do. ¿The reason? Without the right tools and products, we can generate skin burns.

Gel nails
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Por su parte, as with all types of permanent and semi-permanent manicures and pedicures, there is a risk that the user will have an allergic reaction by contact. It doesn't usually happen, but those responsible are the acrylates present in the gel. It is worth doing a test beforehand to verify that we will tolerate the new nails well..

En definitiva, Gel nails have become the preferred option for many women when it comes to getting a manicure.. Sin duda, offer a wide variety of aesthetic advantages, among which stands out its naturalness. We hope we have resolved your doubts about them.