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United Nude has designed shoes for Lady Gaga impressive occasion of the presentation of her new fragrance full of men climbing FAME.

Men shoes lady gaga fame (2)

The truth is that Lady Gaga, although all stridency, usually do things pretty well (or your team) and the campaign of her new perfume, Fame, is incredible. Directed by Steven Klein and a marked Gothic chic air, very much in line with the singer's philosophy… and always around the same concept “the first perfume of black liquid”.

The presentation of the same, y Diva attire could not disappoint in that time, and why the creative team of United Nude made a spectacular design 30 cm heel as for the singer. ¿How can you walk with this?

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"We are followers of Lady Gaga and thought it would a good idea. They wanted shoes that were as high as possible, so we have created platforms 30 cm!. We have been inspired by the promotional campaign of the perfume. in the case of shoes, we have made little gold men scaling the United Nude ", Afirma Red D Koolhaas, Director Creativo de United Nude.

Shoes refer to dramatic reference to Gulliver we see in the video where young men climb the body of the Gaga. One of the many shocking moments that contains the video. Surely no one better than United Nude for get these shoes, Now yes, are more than ever heels until the sun

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Men shoes lady gaga fame (1)