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No bromeo, is a flagship product of waxes firm also offers you to customize your butt with these nail polish colors.

I thought it was a funny idea, que combines the childish illusion we all had small with crayons, with the illusion that currently thousands of women feel customizing your nails. Desde estrellas del cine a mi vecina la Puri, pasando por Lana del Rey (that if this is not closer to movie star or my neighbor Puri) are as addicted to nail colors, the trends that impose brands, new developments in both compounds and how to apply.

As for the "UNIL" art there for all tastes and colors, from very elaborate to the simplest (I've always believed that less is more in terms refers nails). Crayola offers 8 - Mini - nail polish with the basic colors always found in these emblematic casesHe encontrado una versión de The Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set por 12$ but digging I found an even better version of these nail enamels by Crayola 8$ en Amazon. if any "geek nail" is to encourage)

It opens before you the great possibility you choose the maximum what color you fancy today, and even go further and if you're a master pulse, you can make the fancy stuff you like with these colors.

A good prior whim to "back to school"?