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The Spanish firm makes a nod to the popular era in the design of his pants. Jeans return to 80 BX hand Jeans.

Los 80 They are of moda. We see daily examples of this nostalgic reminiscence of a golden age from the creative point of view. En los 80 there were some of the most famous and grossing films of science fiction and fantasy, como Blade Runner, Return to the future, Alien, Terminator, algunas de la saga de Star Warsuna larga lista de películas de gran éxito de las cuales se siguen haciendo remakes en la actualidad.

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De series, We can remember seeing chapters Knight Rider, MacGyver, Those wonderful years, V… definitely, series that remain in our memories as part of our daily TV entertainment. For many of those born in the 70-80, remember that time is go back and feel at home. This is the charm that are trying to recover some current movies and series, they see that by this means the best way to approach the tastes of modern audiences.

Pants 80 BX Jeans

Bx Jeans, Spanish manufacturer of fashion for men, ha lanzado two models of jeans inspired 80, shot high and wide thigh and hip. These models follow the pattern of jeans comfort prevailing at the time, so that wear them is like going back 30 years ago.

Los modelos 1050 Basic Sam Wash Comfort y 1051 Basic Sam Stone Wash Comfort son las dos apuestas de ‘regreso al pasadoque BX Jeans pone a la disposición de los nostálgicos de los 80 who they want to feel the comfort of jeans before, pero con un estilo que está de moda más que nunca. El primero de ellos tiene lavado desaprestado, while the latter is washed with pumice.

BX Jeans

Thus they suit all tastes, siendo Suitable for those seeking both a casual style, as vintage, and also for those simply looking for a pair of jeans quality and allow them to do their daily tasks in complete comfort.

About BX Jeans: BX Jeans manufactures menswear, mainly jeans, where besides the Comfort models commented, They are made skinny jeans, slim jeans and pants star, Denim los Flex.

These pants are gaining popularity thanks to the perfect combination of sporty denim and stretch fabric, so that a highly comfortable pants is achieved, that adapts to the face of the wearer and can enjoy the day with total freedom of movement. In addition to jeans, Bx Jeans manufactures and markets men's dress pants, shorts, shirts and polo shirts for men XXI century, those who choose to dress in keeping with the times but being true to themselves, real, with its own style and personality.

En la BX Jeans Online Shop They can be found these products, now with special prices for the sales period. Ordering is really easy, and delivered in general in 4 business days. A convenient way to buy clothes that we like without having to queue or go through testers conventional stores.