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Many men have gynecomastia (also called man boobs or man breasts) and feel ashamed about it. In this article and I give you some keys to avoid it.

Although the increase in breast size in men is completely normal in many male bodies and for many different reasons, men with gynecomastia (increased breast size in men) they may feel ashamed or insecure about their body. ¿How can we avoid being embarrassed about having gynecomastia??

Gynecomastia is normal (and not dangerous)

Gynecomastia is breast enlargement in men., and can be ccaused by a variety of factors, including excess weight, age, the use of certain medications or dietary supplements (like steroids, por ejemplo) or alcohol consumption and can also be caused by being overweight. It is a much more common pathology than it seems since there is between a 5% y un 10% male population with higher than usual breast development.

Gynecomastia can affect men of any age, but it is more common in adolescents and older men 50 años. Symptoms of gynecomastia may include lumps in the nipples, breast tenderness, or breast pain.

shame for having gynecomastia
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Often, This pathology is not perceived as something "normal" for men, and can be seen as a sign of weakness or even "femininity". This embarrassment about having gynecomastia can be especially difficult for teenagers to deal with, who seek to fit into society in a more exacerbated way. Although gynecomastia is not perceived positively, it is important to remember that it is a completely benign condition and does not represent a threat to health, It is a purely aesthetic problem and as such must be considered.. Can be diagnosed with a physical exam and medical history. Laboratory tests may be done to rule out other causes of the symptoms.

Three options to reduce the embarrassment of having gynecomastia

I give you three keys, ideas or options – and its pros and cons – to face gynecomastia and live with it in your day to day.

Option 1: accept gynecomastia

Accepting ourselves is essential, let's be as we are, and even more so if we have some physical characteristic that “is out of the norm” how to count with man breasts. That is why, o well autonomously if we are able, or even better by going to a specialist in psychology, we can improve our day to day by accepting our body and reduce this shame for having gynecomastia. This professional will give you keys, advice and ideas to understand that each body is distinctive and valid and accept that men's breasts are normal and do not pose a risk to your health and thus be able to live with gynecomastia and not affect you in your day to day.

shame for having gynecomastia
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Option 2: Tricks to camouflage it

Turn to the moda to hide gynecomastia. We can be more or less comfortable with our body, peror sometimes we like to improve it a little to live more comfortably both in our day to day and on a special occasion.  A style trick to avoid gynecomastia embarrassment is to wear a t-shirt under a looser shirt. This will help disguise the size of the breasts that are hidden under several layers..

Just as girls can use one bra or another to modify the shape of their breasts, we can do the same with our man boob, como the use of plugins, prints or even slimming products like slimming bands or men's bras which are made specifically to hide gynecomastia and can be very effective and discreet. I dedicated a full and larger article on Stylistic tricks to hide man's breasts that will help you.

Option 3: Reduce it or make it disappear

If your concern about the appearance of your breasts is too much and lasts over time, have you tried to live with it or struggle every day to hide it, this physical characteristic may be causing a serious problem in your life and even affecting your mental health. That is why, After the advice to live happily with gynecomastia, I also have to recommend removing it if it's posing more of a problem than you can handle mentally.

With sport and exercise.

In that case you can execute it in two ways: through the deportation or through medical espaldos. go to a sports professional to make you a sports routine of activities and exercises capable of eliminating said volume in the chest if it is a male breast augmentation that can be reduced naturally. There are dozens of exercise tables and proposals such as esta to reduce the volume of the man boobs.

Through medical chest treatments.

If not possible with sport, go to a proven specialist who can operate medically take care of men's breasts. Gynecomastia can be treated with surgery, radiotherapy, hormones or medication.

If you feel too embarrassed about having gynecomastia, Consult your doctor, who will be able to evaluate your condition and determine if it is gynecomastia or another medical condition. There are several treatments available for gynecomastia, including surgery, medicines, laser therapy, and hormone therapy. Por supuesto, each of them has its pros and cons, por ejemplo, surgery is the most effective treatment, but it is also the most expensive. Medication can help reduce breast size, but it does not always offer results of the 100% reduction. Laser therapy can reduce nipple sensitivity and hormone therapy can have side effects. That is why go to a good professional who studies your case individually and finds the best way to treat your case..