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There are fashion concepts that collide with each other, but that can sometimes become reality. ¿You can dress up but casual? Here I show you that yes.

Mira, we are full of ideas that although it seems that they collide later, they coexist wonderfully. One of them is the concept «dress smart but casual». ¿Is that possible? Well I believe that in the world of moda ¡EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! You can use jeans that make a great ass, to chic yet casual boho chic dresses, to a good shirt or the infallible little black dress that saves the ballot.

Sometimes happens, we want to wear a casual look – that does not require major complications – With which, además, we can make a formal exit (or everything formal that our life may require – I don't think our doubt knows what to wear to go out to dinner with the king).

Dress smart but casual
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Supuestamente, finding the middle ground is the best, the sleek but casual look is perfect for just about anything, from an event to a meeting between friends. But the best thing is that you can even integrate it into your day to day and you can take it to go shopping, to the park, for a walk or work.

Garments that help you dress elegant but with a casual touch

¿The casual look seeks to find comfort without losing chic? Really. ¿And is it possible to get it or is it just an urban legend?. Below you will see some clothes and combinations that will help you achieve it:

Dress smart but casual
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  • Jeans they are an excellent choice. It is a garment that never looks bad, fit all styles, ¡and on top of that they can be put in many – not to mention all – occasions! In addition to being comfortable, they can give a lot of play.
  • When we talk about vestidos, it is better to resort to dresses a little wider and «comfortable». In summer, the ideal to give a bit of formality to the look is to bet on long dresses and sandals. The simplicity of this outfit will help you achieve that elegant and informal image. In winter you can opt for a dress made of a slightly thicker fabric, in more muted tones and wear it with stockings and booties. It's a simple way to play with both terms.
  • For both men and women, now we find suits for all tastes. Of course we can go with a suit without a tie and with sneakers. If we want the suit effect but without resorting to two pieces, we can opt for tailored pants or jeans with a blazer. To give more variety, you can choose, instead of a shirt, a knitted polo shirt, crew neck or turtleneck sweater. With them you can dress informal but elegant at the same time and in a quite comfortable way.
  • Accessories are as important as the clothes themselves. To dress elegant but informal, it is best to wear simple shoes, can be flat or with a bit of heel, but that is rather basic. If not, we will be reloading the look. In the case of bags, the ideal would be a large one, flexible and can be hung (shoulder or crossed). Para ello, the perfect bag is a tote. Regarding accessories for men, it is best to choose some good shoes or loafers. And to carry your things, it is best to bet on backpacks with a minimal touch to take care that the aesthetic is not too daring and takes you out of that elegant but informal style.